Internal Heat & Hot Flashes’ Natural Home Remedies 139 comments

Yes! There are natural home remedies for internal body heat and hot flashes (hot flushes).

But before I reveal the ultimate natural home remedy, lets quickly discuss the two terms.



Internal Heat

This is a situation in which a person feel heat sensations all over the body or internal heatin some specific areas of the body.

Sometimes, the heat starts from the stomach, the chest, the throat or the waist region and radiates all through the body.

In fact some people feels very hot from inside (high core temperature) but would have a normal temperature outside the body (skin temperature)

Moreover, some will feel intense internal body heat and will start sweating profusely while others will only feel hot within without sweating.

Internal heat occurs irrespective of the environmental or atmospheric conditions and may sometime come with headache, tiredness and rapid  heartbeat.

No matter the form it shows up, Internal heat in the body makes the sufferer very uncomfortable.


Causes of Internal Heat in the body

As a matter of fact, Internal heat is not a disease. Rather, it come as symptoms or signs that your body put in place so as to inform you that something may not be right or to warn you of an impending danger within your body

Therefore, when the underlying cause is treated, the internal heat vanishes easily.

There are several factors that can cause internal body heat. This factors ranges from minor to major. Here are some of them

  • Dehydration
  • Hot atmospheric conditions that prevent proper core body temperature regulation through sweating.
  • Improper clothing
  • Strenuous physical activities or exercise
  • Certain drugs and stimulants such as cocaine etc
  • Excessive worry and Emotional problems.
  • Illness and medical conditions such as malaria, infections, stomach ulcer, high blood pressure, insomnia, seizures, muscular agitations, neurological disorders, rare tumors and lots more.

It is of utmost importance that you study your body well so as to know your exact actions that triggers the internal heat.

Knowing these triggers will help you to avoid them as much as possible.

Based on our survey, Here are some common triggers

  • Hot and Spicy foods
  • Oil and fried foods
  • Foods rich in sodium
  • Caffeine and Alcohol
  • Cigarette smoke



Hot Flashes (Hot Flushes)

A hot flash is experienced as a feeling of warmth or intense heat spreading over the body. It may be accompanied by red, flushed face, perspiration and rapid heartbeat.

Just like internal heat, A hot flash is a symptom and not a medical condition.

Hot flashes are often very brief ranging from about 30 seconds to a few minutes. On the average, a hot flash lasts between two and thirty minutes.


Causes of Hot Flashes

Although the major cause of hot flash has not yet been determined. This is probably due to the fact that majority of research on hot flashes are focused on the remedy.

Nevertheless, there is a general knowledge that hot flashes occur as a result of declining level of the reproductive hormone either in a man or in a woman.

But the exact way in which this reduction in hormone level affects thermoregulation in the body is not fully understood.

Generally, Hot flashes are characteristic symptoms of perimenopause (around menopause) and menopause. This is primarily because there is a notable reduction in the level of female reproductive hormone (estrogen) around this time.

However, several other factors and medical conditions as listed above can also cause hot flashes.


Natural Tips to Combat Hot flashes

  1. Avoid the triggers
  2. Eat healthy: Since it is generally accepted that the major cause of hot flashes is reduction in the reproductive hormone level. Hence taking foods that will increase the hormone level will adequately combat the hot flash.
    Examples of food items rich in estrogen/phytoestrogen are : Black cohosh, Flaxseed oil, Red clover, wild yam etc
  3. Take vitamins especially Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
  4. Stay Hydrated.
  5. Wear the right type of clothing
  6. Breathe slowly and deeply
  7. Stay in a cool environment especially at night



Natural Home Remedy for Internal Heat and Hot Flashes

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  1. A young or immature coconut
  2. A jar of natural honey.


  1. slicing coconutLay the young coconut by it sides and cut off slices from the bottom so as to find the coconut soft spot or eye (a soft whitish spot)
  2. internal heat coconut water Stick your knife through the coconut eye and drain the coconut water in mug.
    It should be a yellowish/clear color.
  3. coconut meatRemove the coconut lid with your knife and scoop out the coconut meat with a spoon
  4. Add all ingredients (coconut water, coconut meat and spoons of honey to taste depending on the size and quantity of the coconut) to a high speed blender. Begin blending on a low speed, then switch to high speed. Blend for at least two minutes or till when you can no longer see the pieces of the coconut meat.
  5. You may sieve off the unblended  particles
  6. Keep in fridge afterwards. (A blend will last for at least four days)
  7. Drink (1/2) half a glass every night.


Theory behind the natural home remedy

The ingredients for the home remedy is simply coconut water, coconut meat and honey both of which have great benefits.

Below are some of the benefits that can be derived from coconut water and the meat.

  • Refuels and rehydrates – Coconut water maintains the body’s fluid levels and its potassium content helps maintain water pressure within cells and blood.
    Here is what a Professional tennis player John Isner said about coconut water
    “It is super hydrating and has kept me going in long matches and prevented me from cramping even in the hottest and most humid conditions,”
  • Due to its high electrolyte content, coconut water improves nervous system functioning and nerve transmission.
    It also prevents cramps and spasms in the muscle
  • Reduces the risk of hypertension and strokes and helps prevent or resolve kidney stones.
  • Improves digestion and metabolism via bioactive enzymes. Aids absorption of food and efficacy of drugs due to its electrolytic effect. Soothes intestinal pain/spasm.
  • Its Lauric acid content is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. It boosts the immune system in fighting infection whilst helping to eradicate intestinal worms and candida.
  • Contains compounds (cytokinins) that protect cells from aging and cancer.

Similarly the benefits of honey even as regards menopause can not be over emphasized.


Take good care of your body! You’ve got no other place to live in

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139 thoughts on “Internal Heat & Hot Flashes’ Natural Home Remedies

    • Eizinne benedict

      Hi Ify God bless u for given out this tips as regard the cure for internal heat.pls can internal heat prevent one from conceiving?blc I always experience heat all over my body including my lower abdomen recently

      • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

        Hello Benedict,
        Technically, the internal heat may be telling you that there are issues that needs urgent attention within you. for example, It could be that hormonal imbalance is responsible for the heat all over your body that means getting pregnant will be difficult with hormonal imbalance

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hi Unyime,
      Refrigerate means to put in d fridge so that it doesn’t get spoilt
      After blending, you should take half a glass daily preferably at night.

    • Ebenezer Meshida

      What difference does it make if the meat is not blended, but eaten, and the coconut water is blended with honey and drunk?

      • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

        Hi Ebenezer,
        Thanks for reading. There is actually no much difference. But blending it brings the items together and the right dosage can be administered.

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hi portia,
      Yeah, stress can cause it by dropping your progesterone level.
      If you are close to menopause, then i will suggest that you take foods that will increase your progesterone level.

  • Jacob

    My problem is that I usually experience internal heat around my waist and legs and this has been on for the past six months or so. Will this remedy of coconut meat, coconut water and honey help alleviate this problem?

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hello Jacob,
      YES, the coconut combination is very effective but if in any case you didn’t see any improvement after a week of taking it please send me a mail

  • Dapo Williams

    hello,i am a man of about 34 years of age.I notice this information was posted for women.Is it applicable to men too?This is because I have been suffering from internal heat for years now.It usually comes and goes but for some two months now,it has not gone and it has grown worse with other terrible like the organ controlling my temperature is faulty.It starts from my right abdominal side to the rest of my body and usually the hotness does not give me an external temperature..It is a terrible feeling that make one almost useless.i would love to read from you

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hey Dapo,
      Sorry about the terrible feeling.
      This solution is applicable to men also… Do take it for 3days and let me know if you don’t feel any different. Then we can talk of herbal preparation to resolve the issue

  • Dan

    Thanks Ife. That piece is very informatiive. The remedy for internal heat is surprisingly simple and affordable. Do you have a herbal remedy for the medical condition known as cervical/focal dystonia? For the avoidance of doubt,it is a neurological disorder that usually affects the neck and face region of the body xterized by involuntary movements,spasms and pain. The symptoms also include uncontrollable smarking of the lips,numbness and tingling of the toes and finger. It is a very debilitating condition that may be accompanied by uncontrollable facial grimace(tardive dyskinesia) Orthodox and other known brands of medicine have no known cure for it and the treatment options are useless. Kindly help!!!

  • caro

    hi Mr Ife i have just discover the treatment for internal heat . mine is so severe it starts from the stomach tright up to my chest and breast area and then my lower back and it even disturbs me from concieveing. i will go and try this remedy and then get to you back

  • Anthony Jude

    Pls Mr. Dapo I don’t know if this is internal heat bc at night when am sleeping I sweat a lot even with fan on. I feel sharp pains around my left chest area when I wake up from sleep. But the pains susides when I take my bath. What is wrong with me and what shall I do to remedy it.thank you.

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hello Anthony, My name is Ife and not Dapo.
      Your situation is not internal heat seems it has to with excessive sweating. Please try taking Apple Cider Vinegar (it will work like magic)

  • goddy

    thanks for ur useful info, dear ife.

    mine is dat i have dry lips, even wen d weather is cold. on my lips are two spots, as if i blow trumpets ova yrs. pls can it b attributed to internal heat. again, can i embark on d therapy?

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hi goddy,
      Sorry about the dry lips and the two spots on it. It cant actually be attributed to internal heat.
      However, embarking on the therapy will do you no harm but a preferable solution to the lips will be to put honey on your lips several times in a day or a mixture of honey and glycerin. Lemme know if you have further questions

  • Ana

    Goodday Mr Ife, kudos to what You are doing, pls i really don’t know what kind of coconut is that maybe a better picture of a young coconut should be uploaded for Us pls tanks. I am experiencing terrible internal heat and i hav taken drugs, they actually stopped then came nick when the drugs finished, i also learnt internal heat is not good for women who wnt to conceive.

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hello Ana, Thanks for the compliment. This is the image for a young coconut A young coconut. If i may ask also what drugs were you using initially? So that i can figure out the exact cause of your internal heat

      • austus

        I read your post and it was informative. sir, I have been having this hotness and finding it difficult to sleep at night. sometimes I have this rapid heart beat and im feeling very uncomfortable. been to hospital all they give me is sleeping pills and said it is anxiety. im not feeling my usual body. pls sir, what can I do to get rid of it

  • nj

    thank u Mr Ife. I feel the heat around my lower abdomen, and was told my womb is too hot for baby to stay, i dont know how true dat is, can i stil use d coconut remedy?

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hello Nj,
      I don’t understand what it means that “a womb is too hot for the baby”. However, i’m positive that the coconut remedy will work for you. Lemme know if you have problems with getting pregnant or your menstrual cycle, ovulation etc. so that I can advice appropriately

      • clara

        I have been struggling with lower abdominal hotness especially around my waist region, for 3 months now,try lots of herbs but am not getting result,what other remedy or drugs can I use please,am very very uncomfortable daily

  • Chris

    Thanks alot Ife Oluwatuyi, I am truly grateful for this information. I will take advantage of your idea now as I have been having this internal heat for quite sometime.
    God Bless.

  • Dougie

    my wife suffers from overheating all the time and its driving her nuts starts in neck and ends in heat rash will your coconut remedy help……..

  • Ravindra

    Hello Mr. Ife
    I suffering from internal body heat for 1 years
    I met some specilist for this but anyone doesnt tell me the remedy.
    I feel internal body heat all over the body
    Plzz tell me how i cure myself from this.

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hi ify, please just add honey to taste. I will specify the number of spoons if i want you to measure it

  • Benny goodmind

    Thanks for this post. Honestly this feeling keeps me very miserable. It started with just internal heat within my legs and expanded to the stomach, chest and finally fever and headache. I kept on going to doctors. Some said it’s allergy another suggested infection. I took antibiotics of different types both prescribed and self prescribed. At a point I went for CBC check. After that I was asked to go for H.i.v and Ebola test as the body heat, fever and headache persisted but all were negative. Then when I stumbled on your blog, I started to investigate on the triggers. First I stopped everything fried and oil as a whole. I stopped pepper. I was on chicken without the skin and vegetables. Then honey and cold fresh milk as I couldn’t find coconut because I’m currently in Morocco. So after a day or two I noticed that the fever had stopped and the internal body heat had reduced to the minimal. But yesterday and today I ate stew and here I am now with the internal heat around my abdomen,chest and legs. I have thrown the stew away because I can not go through the same thing I went through in the past weeks. Please what are the other triggers of this internal heat?
    Thanks and God bless.


    I read your suggestion with this i am happy. and will try of your remedy if it will work then most thanks to you all

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hello Ekpedelinah,
      I dont think internal heat is the cause of your abdominal pain… Probably something else is responsible for both.

  • Foz

    Hi, thank you for the artical. I have a lot of heat and inflammation in my bladder and pelvic area also I have heat in my head. My hands and feet are generally cold. What would you recommend I can take to resolve this issue, as I don’t want to take anymore antibiotic which I have to take whether a infection is present or not. At the moment antibiotics are the only thing that help.
    Thank you. Your advice would be much appreciated.

  • sy jalingo

    Hello doctor, i was infected by one of this STDs called streptococcus for more than ten (10) years now, but of till now there is no any improvement , i have difference drugs ,visiting different hospital,…the is get worst ,pls help me .

  • sy jalingo

    Hello mr ife, i was infected by one of this STDs called streptococcus for more than ten (10) years now, but of till now there is no any improvement , i have difference drugs ,visiting different hospital,…the is get worst ,pls help me .

  • pattyinah

    pls sir mine start frm my stomach move to my chest n my waist,n i dnt hv apetite for food n also my body z always itchin me,i also feel biter taste in every food i eat.i also feel weak in my legs n body.sir pls i want to know r dis signs of internal heat or it a diff tin? I miss my period last mont too

  • Eric

    Thanks for this wonderful education.

    pls I have been having this internal hotness for years now. It’s on and off though. I feel the heat in almost every part of my body especially the mouth, feeling tasteless in there.

    But what troubles me Mos is I feel this ache in my the side of my body, it’s in a nerve. I feel it right through my left side of my head, the left eye, left side of the neck, left hand on the ring finger, left groin, left tight to the second to the last toe on the left leg. It makes me feel very uncomfortable, causing sleepless nights. Pls any help, home remedy. Thanks

  • stan

    Thanks so much Mr. Ife for this piece. Its very informative and i hope it works perfectly on my own case. I started noticing the internal body heat ever since i came back fr SA(colder weather) and now im in nigeria (hotter weather). Even when others complain they are feeling, i just dont feel it. Well, i just got checked and was told that i have internal heat but they told me rather to avoild boiled eggs, cola nut and cold things(water and drinks). Can i also stick to the advice even while using the coconut/honey mixture? Cos i find it hard to believe that… I shouldnt be takeing cold things while my body is fuming.

  • Godgift

    my started hots in my thighs and I go for a blood check up doctor told me dat is ulcer and typhoid causing dat heat and pepperish inside d body….plz I need ur help to cure dis plz help

  • Sandra

    Hi Mr Ife. Thanks for the info. I do experience mine(internal heat) both internal and external and it has lasted for about 10yrs now. I’ve been to the hospital severally and the doc says it’s ulcer but the drugs I took did nothing. Ive tried herbal severally but it stops and comes bk. what else do I do?

  • lium akon

    Hi Dr ify mine is that I ve suffered this internal heart for some years .I wll feel and sometimes it disappear lyk a week. And comes back,initially I thought it ws ulcer but I ve discovered its not.its allways around my tomy and cut across my spinal cord and everywere in my back and I wll notice that each I’m feeling that hotness I wll reduce in my body size and will begin to feel weak generally untill it stops .pls I need ur advise.

  • Abulu Bernard

    Thanks bro for highly informative post. I have this heat internally on my back that got me worried. Can this coconut and honey concoction work for me?.

  • Sydney

    Thanks Mr Ife and may God richly bless you for this eye opener. I have been suffering from this problem of internal heat for years without any effective medical solution and now you brought something really great to solving this problem. Pls Mr Ife could this internal heat problem affect my sexual performance ? Especially in having weak erection and quick ejaculation which was never the case initially with me or if not what could be the solution? I’m so desperate to finding solutions to these health challenges.

  • Princess

    Am overwhelmed stumbling on his article this morning. I have been suffering from this for years now and I blamed it on my SS genotype because I was told to always keep warm but do u think mine is as a result of this, because I also want to try out this remedy. Thank you

  • Safiya

    Thank you very much Mr. Ife for this information. Am sure going to try it. I have been having internal heat for years now and i pray with God this will help me.

  • irene

    Tanx so much 4 dis, internal heat hs bn a problem 2 me. Mine cmes most times wen I ve sex, d sperm melt away n difficult 2 conceive. I feel dis hotness all over my womb 2 d bck. My menstrual cycle don’t flow well anymore, cld it b cause by d heat?

    • Ife Oluwatuyi

      Hello Irene,
      I don’t think its because of the internal heat because internal heat is just a symptom that tells you something is wrong with your body. You can send me a mail and we can discuss what is preventing you from conceiving.

  • Wale Kenny

    I ve been suffering 4m internal heat 4 years now trying different hospital with diffrent medications all are negative,whenever is much like this i have diminishing in eyes,lost memory,heart beat will try this method THANKS

  • Ntiedo Ekpo

    Dear Sir,
    My case is like the one you have described but what could be the possible medical conditions that can caused so much heat in my body particularly the waist region.
    pls i need your advice on this.
    thanks a lot.

    • Ife Oluwatuyi

      Hello Ntiedo,
      Are you a male or a female?, what are the things you do or eat that trigger the internal heat?, does it occur every time during the day?,

      • ziondaughter

        Doc…infact i was amaze when i read the article, am going for this practical right away, am just 6 months married and am facing this kind of ailment, am so scared if i will really conceive with this kind of condition, i have taking all sorts of medication, both herbs and 22 injections, Doctors keep telling me it’s Peptic ulcer and Ecoli infection from admission at the hospital and home medication but still is still there… Please i will like to contact you…one or one…but i will go home from today to prepare this….God bless you sir.

  • Maureen

    I’ve been experiencing internal heat all over my body for sometime now with mild headache, from my forehead to my legs. Initially I was diagnosed with ulcer, finished my drugs yet I still have internal heat. It makes me uncomfortable. Please what can I do. Thank you in anticipation of your response

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hi Maureen, try the coconut remedy first, if you dont feel great after 2days lemme know so that i can write on the bitter leaf remedy for internal heat

  • Yvonne Tenorio

    Hi Ife, last weekend I was doing laundry almost all day at my house and our water pressure was just bad so anyway to make the story short I started feeling exhausted right around noontime and said to myself boy why I’m feeling this kind of symptoms. Well, I’m 49 years old mother of 4 and also grandma. What I think either I was just too busy on this day don’t even think of drinking lots of fluid because I’m just too busy and want to finish my laundry before nighttime. So, i really worked hard that day and brought my laundry to dry over at the laundromat. Well that night I felt bodyache all over my body and the internal heat struck me on Monday night I was assuming that I was dehydrated because it seems the feeling is like I have high fever with bodyache or that I might be feeling the premenopause symptoms. I know that you mention about coconut water and its meat I really do believe in that home remedy by drinking coconut water or juice I come from a small Island in the Pacific so we lots of those here on our Island. It’s that nowadays our busy life busy schedule seems like we cannot take that coconut and cut it-up and drink the juice. Well, anyway I think my story is way too long but I’m just trying to get help really has to what cause the internal heat but now that I found it no matter what I’m going to start getting those coconut from the trees and start blending them together. Thank you so much Ife for the information I’m gonna do it and let you know.

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hi Yvonne,
      Thanks for sharing your story. Do take the coconut remedy since you have them much around. If its not doing much for you, we can however recommend bitterleaf remedy for you because you are in perimenopause

  • Godwin

    please my wife have been suffering from internal heat for 7 years now after her first issue. this has prevented her from conceiving , pls what is the cause and remedy

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hi Godwin,
      Most likely suggestion is hormonal imbalance. Does she have any other symptoms apart from internal heat?

  • Austine

    Sir, Please find it not disturbing for me to ask about what I’m feeling or going tru. I’m a male of above 34 years, I ve been feeling this hotness in my waist region for years n I tot it’s just a normal thing that it will go someday but it has not even ready to leave me alone and I’m thinking that this hotness in my waist region also affect my performance in bed as in I ejaculate quickly. sir will this coconut meat, coconut water and honey also help resolve all this?

  • Austine

    Sir can internal heat or hotness in d waist region be responsible for quick ejaculation and if not what is the herbal remedies for quick ejaculation? I ll prefer if you mail me on my email. Thanks Mr Ife the people’s doctor

  • Austine

    Sir can internal heat or hotness in d waist region be responsible for quick ejaculation and if not what is the herbal remedies for quick ejaculation? or will this coconut meat and water with honey also solve quick ejaculation.? and how do I get pure honey knowing that pure honey is hard to come by? ll prefer if you mail me on my email. Thanks Mr Ife the people’s doctor

  • ziondaughter

    Doc…infact i was amaze when i read the article, am going for this practical right away, am just 6 months married and am facing this kind of ailment, am so scared if i will really conceive with this kind of condition, i have taking all sorts of medication, both herbs and 22 injections, Doctors keep telling me it’s Peptic ulcer and Ecoli infection from admission at the hospital and home medication but still is still there… Please i will like to contact you…one or one…but i will go home from today to prepare this….God bless you sir.

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hey Ziondaughter,
      First, I will like to advice that you don’t start getting scared unnecessarily. You will definitely have your own baby by Gods grace.
      Secondly, Instead of using the coconut remedy alone, try blending garlic with it and plenty honey. Also eat more of fruits, veggies and whole grains

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hi Ndy,
      I’m sorry i didn’t recommend any of those in this article. What do you intend to treat? Those items you mentioned are available in various online stores.

  • Taju

    Hi Mr Ife, Is there any natural treatment for hepatitis B, because it also cause internal heat, don’t ask if the person as seen doctor, the person as seen doctors, health consultants and done series of test, even presently on hepatitis B drug, but the internal heat is refusing to come down, so what natural way to combat both heptities and as well the internal heat. Reply ASAP, thanks

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hi Taju,
      For the situation, try using garlic-ginger extract combined with coconut shell charcoal (activated charcoal). You can send me mail if you need detailed explanation on that.

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hi Winnie,
      Good you love the article.
      Like i have initially explained, Internal heat is not a sickness Per se, it is a symptom your body put in place to inform you that all is not well within. So to answer your question directly, internal heat does not cause waist pain, some thing else maybe responsible for both situation

  • Tweety7

    Hi Ife,
    Thanks so much for this wonderful article. As I was reading through the other inquiries and comments, I got so interested in finding out a solution to a problem that has been troubling me. It is very much appreciated if you could please provide some advice.
    Sir, I’m not sure if I have a internally heaty body, please let me know how to figure it out. My second and most important issue is that I have been trying to conceive for some time now ( less than a year) and have failed, many believe that this could be due to internL heat. I have regular menstrual cycle and have been ovulating monthly ( determined by a OBGYN from a blood test). Although I go through very intense cramping and pain during periods. Any advice to improve the chances are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • sospeter muchiri

    my problem dr lfe is that i do sweat when taking on public which is embarrasing indeed where i thought its my body with toxins and i have tried to detoxify it using home remedies like garlic and bananas and nothing out of it still i have tried to break carlories in my body through excersice but still no result can you show me the way forward out of it as i still wait GOD to do something in my life

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hi sospeter,
      Take 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar probably mixed with honey on an empty stomach and rub organic coconut oil on your skin after bathing in the morning. Drinking of plenty water and coconut water can be helpful in hydrating the body.

  • Michael

    Thanks Mr ife… I think mine is just that I feel internal heat from the back of my neck and some kind of dizziness after treating maleria plasmodium… What could b the cause n remedy please

  • abidemi

    hi mr ife..pls I have been noticing internal heat in my stomach that occur within 5 min since a month now but not everyday maybe once in a week.pls what is that indicating.

  • Vicki

    Thanks for this information Mr. Ife, I started feeling internal heat for 2weeks now ( though I have been fasting), since I can’t find the young coconut, if I want to use the coconut water from the matured coconut, what quantity of honey do I add to a glass full of coconut water, and should I just mix them together & refrigerate?

    • Sharon

      Good morning mr Ife, I over hard your prescription, I am also a victim of this internal heat, I have been feeling pepperish inside me for almost five month now. First at night in my stomach, after a month I felt it all over my body , it’s very very uncomfortable, I have under go a lot of test but everything seen to be normal, I ve try this coconut remedy for almost two weeks now and it help. Although I didn’t get the young coconut, but I use the matured ones. Please is there any other herbs I can try to get this internal heat out of my body completely, I will b greatful to hear for you soon, thanks

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hi Vicki,
      2 tablespoon of honey is okay for a matured coconut. Although it might not be as effective as young coconut. Also, do take plenty of bananas and a cup of cabbage juice when you want to break the fast on daily basis

  • charity

    Tnx. For the information Ife. Pls I want to ask will dis remedy work for someone who was taking contraceptives but stopped $ have been having issues with her menstruation. Pls help

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hello Charity,
      I don’t seem to understand your issue. Is it internal heat or lack of menstruation as a result of previous use of contraceptives?, Do send me a mail with further explanation

    • Ife Oluwatuyi Post author

      Hi Emmanuel,
      Mummy will love you more if you can make the preparation for her. Provided she likes the taste, it is safe for her

  • Marget

    I’m only 15 but I constantly get hot flashes and struggle with internal body heat (though that can usually solved by drinking water) do you know if there are any causes for hot flashes for girls at a younger age

  • Sharon

    Good evening mr Ife, my is sharon I over hard your prescription. I am also a victim of this internal heat I feel pepperish in inside me.for almost five months now, I have done blood test for high blood,sugar, vitimin, all seen to be normal. I really do not know the cause of this problem, I have also try this coconut but it has help a bit. Please if there’s any other prescription, please help me with it.

  • Ugo

    Goodday Mr Ife, I experience internal heat at my lower back section getting to my waist, heat at my legs, heat at my lower abdomen up to my stomach. Though my lab test read H.pylori, S.A, malaria and typhoid. Please among these four results, which one among them is likely to cause the internal heat. Thanks

  • Caca Mmi

    Hello Dr,
    I always feels heat around my waist, under my breast, my stomach, my private part, and call it all over my body. can i still use this remedy?

  • blessing emuh

    Hello thanks for this wondafl information.I ave bin having internal heat for some mnths…it goes and thank God for this pls there other issue conecrning my health I wud love to discuss wit yu so yu can advice me on what to do or go about bt wud ave loved it in a private discussion.may be yu send me your nos to call you or any other medium.thanks so much.expecting ur response

  • Rahmat

    Good day mr ife, am always feeling hotness on my body in the evening and also in d early hours of the morning, am told it’s also causes infertility, and have been trying to conceive for some years. Pls what can i do. Also d hotness start from my stomach then to my thighs, also my palms. Thanks.

  • mercy

    Good day mr Ife, my body is always hot, especially my stomach, thighs also my breasts, and have been using other herbal medicine for it, still no improvement, and have been trying to conceive now for some years now, all to no avail, pls what can i do?