10 Unbelievable Natural Hiccup Remedies

Hiccup is caused by the spasmodic movement of your diaphragm muscles, which is mainly responsible for respiration. Truth is that hiccups are not harmful in anyway. Harmless it may be, but it is somewhat frustrating and can drive you nut. There are quite a number of home remedies for hiccup. Below, you will learn about some of these very helpful home hiccup remedies.

credit: huffingtonpost

credit: huffingtonpost

Hiccup Remedies

Drinking upside down

You can get rid of hiccup by drinking upside down.  This will shock your body and will put an end to hiccup.

Drinking up side down

What to do

  • Pour some cold water inside a glass cup
  • Bend yourself forward and double at the waste and put your mouth in the cup in this position and drink the cold water.
  • Repeat for as many times as it is necessary.
  • You can drink the water fast for improved effect.
  • You can add some honey inside the cold water
  • In an upright position, pour some of the cold water containing honey in your mouth and use it gargle for about a minute and this will help put an end to the hiccup.
  • Instead of water, you can also go for ice.
  • Suck on a small piece of ice for some seconds and it will help control the hiccup.

Cardamom to the rescue

This is undoubtedly one of the most effective of hiccup remedies. Cardamom has an incomparable ability to relax the muscle. It can therefore relax the diaphragm and it does so very fast.

Cardamom for hiccups

What to do

  • Pour a glass cup of water in a clean metal container and place on medium heat source.
  • When the water boils, put off the heat and place it on a flat surface.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of cardamom powder to the hot water.
  • Place it aside for about 15 minutes
  • Afterwards, strain it
  • Drink the tea slowly and it will help relax the diaphragm and put an end to hiccup.

Chamomile also helps

It can also be used in curing hiccup. Chamomile also has strong ability to relax the muscle and can help relax your diaphragm to put an end to hiccup.

Chamomile for hiccups

  • Pour clean water inside a cup and add a teaspoon of dried chamomile.
  • Leave the chamomile in the water for about 10 minutes to steep.
  • Drink the tea slowly to cure hiccup.
  • You can equally use chamomile essential oil for curing hiccup.
  • Add just 2 drops of the chamomile essential oil inside a brown paper bag.
  • Hold the paper bag close to your mouth and nose.
  • Take deep breath slowly and then breathe out into the paper bag.
  • This will put an end to the hiccup.

How to control it in public places

When hiccups take you on in public places, you can quickly carry any of the remedies outlined below:

control hiccup in public place

  • Use the thumb of one hand to press the palm of your other hand. Press it as hard as possible. You may feel some pains, but the pain will actually distract your body from feeling the hiccups.
  • You can use the forefinger and thumb of your right hand to squeeze the ball of the thumb on your left hand. Your nervous system is distracted from paying attention to the hiccups and it will concentrate on the pain you have caused, bringing an end to the hiccups.  You can do this under the table or at your back and no one will ever notice.
  • You can get rid of hiccups in public places by taking a deep breath. Take a lungful of breath and keep the air for a while in your lungs. Carbon dioxide will build up in the process and this will help cure the hiccup, since the accumulated carbon dioxide will force the diaphragm to relax.
  • You can equally cure hiccup by sticking your fingers inside your ears and leave it in place for 30 seconds. You can equally press that soft area of your ears located behind your earlobes below the skull. This movement will automatically send a signal to your vagus nerve, instructing it to relax; the vagus nerve is directly connected to the diaphragm area. If you feel uncomfortable carrying this out in public, you can always excuse yourself from the pubic for few minutes to the restroom or somewhere private.
  • You can also stick out your tongue while you are somewhere private. Such movement will help stimulate the space between the vocal cords. It will enable you breathe more smoothly and will therefore put an end to spasm associated with hiccup.
  • Another of very helpful hiccup remedies involves cupping our mouth and nose with your hands while you continue to breathe normally. This will help increase amount of carbon dioxide in your lungs and this accumulation will force your diaphragm to relax, putting an end to the hiccup.

Drinking remedies for hiccup

  • Any drink will do. Just take up to 10 quick sips of any drink from a glass cup. The rhythmic contraction of your esophagus accessioned by this drinking movement will force your diaphragm to relax.
  • Take the drink using straw, while pressing your fingers against your ears. The pressing movement will compress your vagus nerve and the drinking movement will contract the esophagus and cause the diaphragm to relax.
  • Pour some water or any drink inside a glass cup. Place paper towel on the brim of the glass cup. Drink the content of the glass cup while sucking hard at the paper towel. This sucking force will force the esophagus to contract more and the spasmodic contraction will force down the diaphragm and make it contract.

drinking remedies for hiccup

Eating remedies for hiccups

  • Place some water on medium heat and allow it to warm. Add some sugar or honey to the warm water. Mix it properly to form a homogenous solution. Put just one teaspoon of the solution at the back of your tongue and swallow. It will help settle the hiccup problem.
  • Pick a lemon fruit and cut it into slices. Suck on as many of the slices as possible. This is also very helpful and can help put an end to the hiccup.
  • Apple cider vinegar too can be of help. Apple cider vinegar is not the best thing to taste, but it can help bring an end to the hiccup very fast.

eatting remedies for hiccup

Take time to rest

  • You can cure hiccup by simply taking some time to relax. Make your room as comfortable as possible. Pull the blind to shut off some daylight. Lie in bed with your stomach facing down.  Turn your head to the side and let your arm hang over the side of the bed.  In this position, take deep breath and hold the breath in place for up to 15 seconds. Afterwards, exhale the accumulated carbon dioxide rather slowly. Repeat this breathing movement for few times. Afterwards, rest for few minutes.
  • You will need the help of another person to carry this one out. Stand upright against a wall and tell the other person to place her fist just lightly right under your breastbone in the soft area. In this position, take few deep breaths ad exhale lightly. Exhale deeply at the last breath. The other person should press her fist harder at the last breathe and this will enable you to exhale completely.
  • One of the most unexpected cures for hiccup involves a long passionate kiss. So when next you feel that irritating hiccup, just ask your girlfriend to give you a long passionate kiss. Why do I feel you would prefer this remedy to other hiccup remedies?

rest for hiccup

Hiccup remedy for kids

  • You can buy ice cream for the kid and this can help get rid of the hiccup problem. You will agree that this is more of a treat than a cure.  The ice cream is a pleasurable distraction, which helps distract the kid’s nervous system. The hiccup subsides as the kid swallows the ice cream. Its chilling impact on the throat helps control the hiccup by calming the diaphragm.

kids hiccups

Prevention also important

Some would say prevention is better, safer and cheaper than cure. This fact also plays out in hiccup home treatment.  Check below for some simple preventive remedies to hiccup.

  • Stay away from carbonated soda and this will prevent the occurrence of hiccup. Carbonated drinks cause hiccup especially when they are drunk cold. The bubble created by the carbonated drink is further strengthened by the low temperature and this will create irritation in the lungs and throat that can cause the diaphragm to contract.
  • Eating fast can equally lead to hiccup. When you eat fast, you will be forced to swallow more air. This will cause burping and hiccup. It is therefore in your best interest to eat as slowly as possible.
  • Some drugs can equally lead to hiccup. A very good example is diazepam. The drug is also known to increase frequency of hiccup. If you notice a particular drug that makes you suffer hiccup, it is high time you discussed with your doctor so that the drug can be changed to its alternative.

Preventing hiccup in babies

When a baby feeds, he can swallow air and this can lead to hiccup. The hiccup problem in baby can be cured using the same procedure for curing burping.  Check below for what to do.

babies hiccups

  • Hold the baby against your shoulder
  • Pat him gently on the back.
  • This movement will force the air already swallowed by the baby and it will put an end to the hiccup.
  • Additionally, inspect the nipple on the baby bottle to find out if the nipple permit adequate amount of fluid to be sucked by the baby.
  • The inspection can be done by filling the baby bottle to capacity and turning it upside down
  • Normally, regular dripping of the content is seen and this slows down gradually.
  • The baby bottle can lead to hiccup if the dripping is too much or too little.

Additional Tricks to Control Hiccups

Check below for some other little known tricks that can also get rid of hiccups

  • Something sweet: You can get rid of hiccups by swallowing something sweet, like sugar. The grains in sugar can get the esophagus irritated and this will make the phrenic nerve resets itself
  • Something sour: Something as sour as vinegar can also do the trick. The bitter taste tends to put an end to hiccups.
  • Peanut butter too: When next you feel this hiccup, just put some peanut butter in your mouth; a spoonful will do the trick. Your breathing and swallowing will be interrupted in the process of chewing the peanut butter. This will undoubtedly put an end to this hiccup problem.
  • Some hot sauce can also help: The hot sauce has an unmistakable burning and heating effect, which will distract your body and turn its focus and attention away from the hiccup, which will help kill the hiccup.
  • Honey is one of the best to use for curing hiccups. This is due to its infection- fighting capacity.
  • Try out chocolate: Powdered chocolate can also help you get rid of hiccup. You can go for either ovaltine or cocoa. It will not be easy to swallow the chocolate, but it actually does the trick against hiccup.
  • Brown bag too works: Pick a brown bag, open it and breathe inside. Make sure each breath is slow and deep. Stop the process if you start feeling lightheaded while doing this. This process helps to increase amount of carbon dioxide in your lungs and blood. The diaphragm will be forced to contact strongly in order to bring in more oxygen. The deep intake of oxygen will help calm the hiccup. Will it interest you to know that brown bag can equally cure toothache? That is a story for another day.
  • Dill to the rescue: One of the hiccup remedies you can carry out at home involves consumption of dill. Put one teaspoon of dill seeds in your mouth when you start feeling hiccup and chew them slowly and swallow. This swallowing process will help to stimulate your vagus nerve and this will automatically stop the hiccup.
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