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10 Weight Loss Mistakes Hindering Your Success.


Have you ever come across a friend that once lost weight and you wondered how they gain

back all the weight they lost within few months?

This is exactly what happens when you work your ass off to lose weight and after which you sit back, relax and start all your bad eating habits expecting your body fat to remain reduced

When it comes to losing weight, there is only one way out you either burn more calories than you take in or you are in for weight gain

Furthermore, when you have very bad eating habits, you could be endangering yourself because the fat keeps on accumulating in your waistline this translates to harmful visceral fat and high cholesterol levels.

If you’ve been wondering why you gain back all the fat you lost and sometimes or even more,

Then you are probably making one of these weight loss mistakes listed below and I will share with you how to conquer these mistakes permanently.


Common Weight Loss Mistakes and Solutions


1. No specific goal

Most people make the mistake of embarking on a weight loss plan without setting a definite goal.

They just start various physical routines and diet plans without a definite “write-up” they tend to meet. In fact, this must be the very first thing you do before embarking on any weight loss plan.

If you are aiming to lose weight, then you have to specify what you intend to accomplish by setting a good weight loss goal.

This could be to fit into a particular clothing size within a period of time. For example, you may aim to fit into your wedding dress before the end of December or an all important anniversary.

With this, you can see that a weight loss goal gives you a focus, directs your attention and eliminates pitfalls you may encounter.

Mind you, you must make measurable, realistic, and attainable weight loss goals.

A good example of an unrealistic goal is aiming to lose 20 Pounds per week – this is unrealistic and could frustrate all your efforts. I covered this topic in detail here.

So set a goal, include an action plan and make sure you stick to it.


2. Eating unhealthy foods

This is a very common habit among people especially young adults. High fat releasers like fast foods should be avoided not forgetting high calorie snacks, candy bars, chocolate, energy drinks, fruit smoothies.

Instead of eating in a fast-food restaurant, you can cook your food yourself at home this has proven to be the best method of avoiding unhealthy food because you control the content of your food to your preference.

Also, replacing energy drinks, fruit smoothies with water will reduce your calorie intake from your diet.

Water has zero calories and contains no carbs this makes it the best drink after a good meal without unnecessary calories, sugar and fat content.


3. Over-sized portions

Using big bowls, plates and containers for meals are habits I find very common among people.weight loss mistakes

I found it very had to overcome this habit myself but with time I was able to overcome it by using small size-able plates for my meals.

When you use big plates and bowls, this creates the intent to finish the entire content and will always give rise to over-eating.

I remember filling my favorite dish into a very big bowl – this made me over-eat and nearly blew up my stomach. This scenario left an indelible mark in the book of my memory.

Reducing your portions with small sizeable plates has proven to be the best method to check over-eating. If you have been making this weight loss mistake, check it accordingly.


4. Skipping meals

This is one of the weight loss mistakes I deem more harmful to the body and carries a misconception in the mind of numerous people.Weight loss mistakes 2

Most people, then to believe that when they deprive their body of food or go on a fasting diet, they will lose weight.

Aside being a weight loss mistake, it could be very harmful to the body.

When you actually skip meals (especially breakfast) or deliberately refuse to eat when you are hungry the body brain signals other organs of the body to slow down your metabolism preparing for the starvation. The moment you eat, your body tends to hold on to all the calories it can.

Clear this terrible misconception or you could be jeopardizing your weight loss plans and harming your self in the process.


5. Mindless Eating

This is what experts call emotional eating. Eating when you are stressed, lonely or unnecessarily is also a common a weight loss mistake I found people always indulge in.

When you are stressed, take a good long nap.

When you are lonely occupy yourself with social activities like playing football or Frisbee.

When you have personal issues, go cheer yourself up with your friends or a favorite TV program.

Your future obesity will do no good to you so track your emotional eating and control them accordingly.


6. Depending on Quick-fix Fat burners

Let the truth be told. Losing weight could be a daunting task to carryout and if you are depending on some miracle “quick-fix” fat burners, then you have probably been dreaming.

Please wake to reality!

There are no shortcuts to burning body fat especially when you have a luxury of them like a fat belly. You have to consistently follow a physical routine, a good diet plan, stay focused and be very patience.

These are the vital keys that unlock the door of losing weight easily and most so-called “weight loss experts” will not want to admit this, probably to trick you into buying their ‘quick-fix’ products.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying fat-burners don’t work, some do but totally depending on it and going back to your unhealthy eating habits and expecting your waistline to reduce is just silly.


7. Making Excuses

Family commitments, busy schedules, time-consuming nature of your job, personal engagements…the list is endless.

If there is anybody that should be blamed for not having time for yourself, then it should be you. There are ways you could maneuver these obstacles without having migraines.

Time is always a difficult issue. But with a good time management schedule you can make the most of the available time you have at your disposal.


8. Attempting to lose weight too fast

As the saying goes, “Slow and steady wins the race.” Avoid setting ambitious and aggressive weight loss goals you can’t actualize. Aim small and increase later when you have indentified the programs that are working for you.

Experts will always recommend you aim to lose around 5 – 10% of your current body weight.

Aiming big is fine but don’t be aggressive to yourself.


9. Avoiding exercises

Exercising has proven to be one the surest way (that has worked) to lose weight and if you are giving unnecessary excuses for not exercising, then you should probably just call it quits because you will be frustrated in the end.Weight loss mistakes

Now, let me also clearly state that there are two ways you could lose weight – you could either

incorporate a good diet plan into your eating scheme or you engage in physical activities like exercises.

Most weight loss programs combine both and those good programs that have worked actually incorporate an exercise routine into their programs.

I know you are busy, so is everyone.

Make time out for exercises or could start with simple exercises that you can easily do at home easily without needing to visit the Gym. Avoiding exercise is a huge weight loss mistake you might be making


10. Having no weight loss buddy

I deliberately placed this weight loss mistake at the end of this list because it actually determines the difference between success and failure. Most people quit their weight loss plans early because when they work their ass out with different routines and don’t see good result, they fizzle out quickly.

Always keep weight loss buddies that inspire, motivate and encourage you on a daily basis.


Over to you!

Do you make any of these weight loss mistakes? Feel free to comment and I will be more than willing to help you out.

If you enjoyed this article, I want you do one thing: Leave a comment and tell me what do you think

About the author 

Emmanuel Aniekan

I’m a passionate health blogger and writer.
I love helping both men and women break the shackles of body fat and reclaim the body shape of their dreams.
You can join me at www.completeweightlossinfo.com

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