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12 Awesome Methods for Natural Breast Lift


The eternal feminine confidence and beauty are consequent of several factors, and one of these factors is an big pair of breasts. A drooping pair of tits can lessen your confidence as a woman and undermine your beauty. However, natural breast lift can tighten up the loose tissues of your breasts and accentuate your attractiveness.

If looking at your sagging breasts in the mirror makes you look and feel older than your real age, then it is high time you lifted those tits up again. If your partner is already getting attracted to other women who have pointed and firm-looking breasts, a natural breast lift will help you to cozy up to him again.

Common causes

Breastfeeding and menopause are some of the factors that can make your breast to sag. Some other factors are diseases, wearing a wrong bra, and poor nutrition. Other possible culprits are pregnancy, strict diet programs, and weight loss.

Methods discussed below will give your breasts that highly desired natural lift.


You can carry out any of the two exercises below to lift your breast:

  • Yoga: Yoga strengthens your body and improves your posture. Besides, it works perfectly for a natural breast lift. Such posture-improvement helps make your breast look perkier and firmer. Yoga focuses on the sagging breasts and lifts them naturally within a short period.
  • Circling your arms: This exercise requires that you rotate your arms backward. As a result of the exercise, the skin around your breast becomes firmer.

How to carry out “Circling your arms.”

  • First of all, kneel on a mat. Then, bend backward slowly until your hands touch your heels. Afterward, stay in this position with your face turned upward for as long as you can bear.
  • Furthermore, lie down on your back on the mat. Then, slowly lift up your legs with your arms lying stretched out beside you on the mat. Afterward, continue to raise your legs above your heads until your toes touch the floor.
  • Moreover, first lie on your back. Then, fold your legs at the knee and allow your heels to rest flat on the mat. Using your heels as support, raise your back off the mat. Next, stretch your arms on the mat beside you. Make sure your fingers are touching your heels. Remain like this for as long as it is convenient.

Traditional pushup

The regular pushup equally works as a natural breast lift. The highlights below will direct you on how to do it. it also helps to increase breast size naturally.

  • First of all, lie flat on your face on the floor
  • Make sure your palms are facing down and turned inwards on the floor
  • Also, make sure the palms are at the same level with your shoulders.
  • Additionally, make sure your feet are in comfortable positions.
  • Each time you lift yourself off the floor, make sure your heels and shoulders are in straight line.
  • Finally, look straight ahead while carrying out the exercise.


Weightlifting corrects and prevents sagging. As a result, it works as a natural breast lift.

weight lifts
weight lifts

What to do

  • First of all, lie down on your back on the floor.
  • Hold a pair of dumbbells in each arm and stretch out the arms sideways.
  • Then, lift the arms up.
  • Count up to 5 with your arms in this raised position.
  • Afterward, lower your arms to their first position on the mat
  • Repeat this for as many times as you can.
  • The movement ensures natural breast lift.

Breast massaging

Massaging works on the connective tissue and the skin around the breast.

Also, massaging increases blood flow to the breast and nourishes the breast tissue, which will improve its growth and firmness.

  • First of all, rest your palm on area of the breasts beside the nipples
  • Next, move the palms on the breast in a circular motion. Apply very light pressure on the breast while doing this.
  • While your palm is massaging the breast, use your thumbs and forefingers to stroke your nipples
  • While doing this, twist the breast and the nipples carefully, first in clockwise and later anticlockwise directions.
  • Lastly, stroke your breast using your fingertips. Start at the nipples and move towards the sides of the breasts.
  • The movement will increase lymph fluids flow to the breast and improve on breast’s firmness.
  • After massaging the breast each time, drink lots of water.

Oil massaging

Oil massaging also helps improve breast firmness.  Various forms of oil you can use are essential oil, vegetable oil and olive oil.

oil massage
oil massage
  • First of all, lie down on your back on a flat surface
  • Next, apply any of the oils mentioned above on your breast.
  • Afterward, massage the breasts one after the other using a circular, gentle movement.
  • Continue massaging each breast until the oil is completely absorbed by your breast.
  • Then, you will get the desired result with consistent application. Make sure you repeat the movement daily.

Ice massaging

Instead of oil massaging, you can go for ice massaging. Provably, this also makes breasts firmer and perkier.

  • First of all, pick ice cubes from your refrigerator
  • Next, place the ice cube on your breast and move the cubes around on your breast using the same movement used during oil massaging.
  • Then, apply the ice-cube just for few minutes
  • Repeat this regularly and your breast will become firmer.

Breast Mask

You can also apply a mask to your breasts for a natural breast lift. The mask will strengthen the breast tissue in particular and the breast region in general.  Also, it will help lift your breast and prevent sagging.


How to make breast mask

You will need the following to make the breast mask:

  • Fresh blended cucumber
  • Egg white
  • Olive oil

What to do

  • First of all, mix the three ingredients together to form a paste.
  • Then, apply the paste to your breast
  • Next, leave the paste on the breast for up to 1 hour.
  • Afterward, rinse it off using lukewarm water.
  • Repeat this at least two times in a week
  • Continue until your breasts become very firm.

Breast lift pump

You can experience natural breast lift with the aid of breast lift pump.  The pump applies pressure on your breasts. Automatically, this will trigger breast tissue growth.

You can go for either manual or electrical breast lift pump. Then, place the cup of the pump on your breast with the nipples at the center of the cup.

The pumping pressurizes the breast and makes it firmer.

  • First of all, apply warm compress on the breast
  • Next, relax your shoulders and make sure your arms and back are properly supported.
  • Also, support the breasts using your fingers and the other palm.
  • Afterward, hold the breast pump with your index finger and thumb and bring it close to the breast.
  • Importantly, do not push the breast shield edges into the breast tissue
  • Next, select the right breast shield size for your breast.
  • Do the pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum.

Gels and lotions

In place of oil or ice-cube, you can equally use lotions and gels for a natural breast lift. You only need to apply the gel and lotions the same way you apply the oil.


Active ingredients in the gels and lotions will help boost estrogen production, which can increase the size and improve firmness of the breast.

Good fitting bra

Good fitting bra too can help as a natural breast lift. Correctly fitted bra can do the job just like any of the methods described earlier.

The secret to this involves finding the right size of bra for you. It will gradually change how your breast appears and lift the breast in due time.

Loose bra negatively affects your breasts’ muscles and results into a sagging breast. You may have to consult specialists to help find the correct size of bra for you.


You can consume certain foods to help lift your breast and make them firmer.  These foods work from inside out.

  • Butter oil and cod liver oil: Cod liver oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, and it can help make the skin around the breast look plumper and better moisturized. Healthy breast tissue regenerates in the breast due to Vitamin A present in the cod liver oil. It makes the breast look supple and smooth. You can boost the effect of cod liver oil when you take it together with butter oil.
  • Organic berries: The best organic berry you can use is Acai. Berries are rich in antioxidants, and the later can help prevent the formation of wrinkles on the skin. Consume adequate amount daily for better and faster effect.
  • Virgin coconut oil: It is gotten from fresh coconut fruit and not the bare hull. The smell is the same as that of fresh coconut milk. Besides, it is rich in enzymes, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. Furthermore, it is rich in saturated fat, and this improves on skin cell growth. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for a natural breast lift.


About the author 

Mr David

Thomas David is a Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian (RD), Health and fitness writer and editor based in Boca Raton, Florida. Thomas is also an international member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in the US.

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