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How to Get a Bigger Butt in a Week Naturally Fast


Engage in Butt Building Exercises

Butt Building Exercises 2 Complex carbohydrates

Just as the saying goes that nothing goes for nothing, if you are going to get that booty of your dreams then you will inadvertently have to increase your time at the gym.

Exercise is crucial to building a bigger rounder and more plump, firm booty. Exercise don’t however mean you will spend long sweaty hours at the gym but it sure means you will need to put in some time into glute building exercise

Not all exercises can increase your butt size, only specific exercises targeted at some specific muscles in that particular area can do the trick.

Also some normal basic exercises can simply be adjusted to meet the specific need. For example while jogging you can make sure your heels hit the ground before your toe and while walking you can choose to walk sideways pulling your leg away from your body. These modifications work on your butt muscles at different angles.

Here are some other specific exercises that you can try out

Squats With Weight for a Bigger Butt

You can do squats either using dumbbell or using a barbell depending on your preference.

To use a barbell, place the barbell on a squat rack about 7.5 to 13 centimeters below your shoulders then lift them off the rack and step out of the way.

Next position your feet about shoulder-width apart pointing your toes  and knees outwards ensuring your knees line up vertically with your toes then squeeze your glutes ( buttock muscles) while your thighs are parallel to the floor. Using your glutes, push yourself back into your original position. 8 reps a day of this routine should be quite effective.

To use dumbbells hold 2 dumbbells in each hand and stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Then bend your knees ensuring that they line up with your toes.

As with the barbells squeeze your glutes and lower your butt. When you do this your knees will bend but should not extend beyond your toes. Ensure that your back is kept as tall as possible.

Focus on using your glutes in both cases more than using your thighs when raising yourself back up.

Dead lifts for Bigger Butt

To do deadlifts stand with your feet shoulder width apart beneath a barbell. You can add more weight to the barbell but be careful not to add too much.

To keep you stable, turn your toes and knees slightly outwards. Squat down and grasp the bar. Lower your hip a bit more until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Ensure that you keep your back flat while you do this workout .

Lift the barbell off the ground. Stand up and move your hips and shoulders upward at the same rate while maintaining the flat back.

Move slowly lower the barbell using your buttock muscles and sticking your butt out as you return to the starting position.

Leg raises for a Bigger Butt

Leg raises work on your outer glutes. Start by getting down on your hands and knees preferably on a yoga mat. Keep your leg bent at a 90 degrees angle and lift the outside of your right knee towards the ceiling until the inner part of your right thigh is parallel to the floor.

Hold this position for 5 seconds and then lower your knees back to its starting position. Repeat the same process for your left leg too,

Glute Kickback to Make Butt Bigger

Start with feet shoulder with apart as with previous routines and with your arms extended outwards at shoulder height. Then lift your foot behind you as high as possible while maintaining your balance. You should  feel a squeeze on that part of your butt.

Hold this for 5 seconds before lowering your foot and repeat the same process for the other leg. Increase the time spent on each kick back gradually as you can endure.

Butt Pulses

This is a very simple exercise that can be performed at least 50 times daily. While standing. Squeeze your butt muscles as tight as possible and on he count of 3, release and repeat


Herbal Remedies to Get a Bigger Butt Fast


It has a wide range of health benefits for women and if you actually take the right amount of fenugreek long enough, what you will get as a result is bigger thighs, hips and buttocks. It is rich in phytoestrogen responsible for regulating hormonal production. It also contains diosgenin a major ingredient for boosting estrogen level which gives rounder and bigger butts


A close relative of the fenugreek with also a rich bank of phytoestrogen needed to boost estrogen levels in the body increasing breast and butt size. You can brew up fennel seeds as tea and consume generously.

Dong Quai

Dong quai is quite effective for butt enlargement as it enhances the effects of other enlargement supplements by regulating hormone levels. A mixture of Dong quai, fennel seed And other natural herbs will give you faster and better results when taken together as a herbal tea mixture.

Maca Root

Maca root assist in hormonal balance which certainly imply increased fat deposit in the thigh, hips and butt region for some women.

About the author 

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Ife is a Public Health Analyst and a blogger that gives educative information on how to maximize and maintain healthy life styles

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