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Home Remedies For Glowing Skin


Home remedies for glowing skin is very essential because skin issues are common for many people around the globe.

No one is spared and everyone is affected by it, teenagers and mature women alike. Unfortunately, people’s ignorance is the main cause and this problem gets worse instead of being resolved.

Many people dream about soft and smooth skin and still cannot do anything about it; or they are doing things the wrong way and get frustrated when their situation doesn’t improve.

Also, there are various myths and beliefs which lead to misconceptions.

Everyone who has certain skin problems should visit their dermatologist first, before they prescribe the therapy to themselves. In this article I will give you a few tips and natural remedies for glowing skin while staying at home.

Home remedies for glowing skin

home remedies for glowing skin

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Keep your skin clean

You are aware that clean skin means that it’s healthy and hydrated, thus looking much younger than it really is. If you haven’t had the custom of cleaning your face every day, you definitely should change that and start a new routine.

Wash your face every night before going to bed, preferably right after (or just before) you brush your teeth. That way you will develop the habit which will make you healthier and happier at the same time; a beneficial bedtime routine.

During the day we don’t even notice just how much dust, dirt, oil and makeup we have on our face. It clogs the pores and may cause breakouts while you sleep.

Even if you do wash your face the next day, bacteria and dirt stay on your pillowcase from the night before, just waiting to get into your skin again.

You should wash your face with gentle soap which has hydrating milk or oils, since your skin does need these ingredients to stay healthy and protected.


Be gentle to your skin

While washing your face with soap, as we mentioned before, make sure it’s not too strong.

Use a gentle soap which will not leave your skin dry and tight after washing, you do not want to lose all the oils your skin has. It can even lead to acne because the production of oil will be much higher as your organism is trying to compensate.

When rinsing off, avoid using washcloths and rags since these can irritate the gentle skin on your face. Instead, try only to splash water several times using nothing but your hands. Afterwards, with water dripping from your face and you reach for the towel, remember to pat dry and not roughly rub against your skin. Small, gentle pats will do and the air will do the rest.

Being gentle to your skin will surely show, because it will keep its natural oils and your treatment will make it healthy.


Protect your skin from the sun

Exposing your skin to the sun will make it leathery and tough, older than it really is.

You would never have guessed just how much a light sunscreen helps your skin stay supple and dewy in the years that come. Prevent sun damage by applying spray-on sunscreens every time you go out, even 15 minutes is enough to get a sunburn so be careful.

Try finding a foundation or moisturizer which already contain sunscreen, so you can have your makeup and protection from the sun at the same time.


Drink plenty of water

This is one important glowing skin home remedy.

Although, It may seem like too much to you but your body needs at least 2 liters of water per day.

Try to drink between 6 and 8 glasses during the day; it will hydrate your organism, help your body get rid of toxins and, in addition, clear your skin and make it glow. No matter where you go, make sure you always have a bottle of water with you, and when you’re home try to drink only filtered water.

Tapped water has traces of chlorine and other chemicals which can dry your skin, so if you can, install a filter in your bathroom as well to make sure you wash your face and hair using clean, chlorine-free water.

Furthermore, try to drink less coffee, and in case you wish for something that isn’t plain water, try drinking cool herbal teas or flavored water instead. Sodas and alcohol will do you no good if you’re thirsty.


You are what you eat

Another major home remedy for glowing skin is eating healthy. Whatever you eat will eventually reflect on your skin and entire body.

As much as possible, get rid of junks, processed and deeply fried foods from your meal as these are responsible for various skin issues such as pimples, chest acne etc.

Gradually replace the junks with healthy organic foods which will be composed of vegetables and fruits as these kind of foods possess the required nutrients necessary for a glowing skin

Similarly, Do without alcohol, smoking and drugs since they are capable of ageing the skin prematurely.


Take time to exercise

Regular exercise either cardio or resistance has the ability improve blood circulation, get rid of toxins and give you the glowing skin you desire.


Mix up a little something in your kitchen

It’s also important to keep your skin well moisturized and healthy. There are numerous items within your kitchen that can enhance your skin and serve as home remedies for glowing skin.

Here are some.



Apart from moisturizing and enhancing your skin, honey is good with preventing different infections, because of its great antibacterial properties.

Treating your skin with honey is super simple: apply it raw directly to your skin and let it dry naturally. After that, wash it off using lukewarm water and admire its softness and suppleness.

You can do this every other day if you’d like, it is completely natural.



Another simple but great ingredient which will make your skin glow is cucumber.

Cucumber repairs damaged skin cells, hydrates, nourishes and helps remove the dead skin cells off your face. In addition, it makes your skin glow after using it.

Use a fresh cucumber: cut it into thick slices which you will gently rub all over your face and leave it overnight. When you wake up, rinse it with warm water.

If you do this every day before going to bed, it will not be long and you will notice how much younger and more fresh the skin on your face looks.

If your skin is different and your find yourself helpless to change the way it looks no matter how hard you tried and how much effort you put into it, you should consider plastic surgery instead. You will be able to talk to professionals about the state your skin is in and ask them to give you an advice.

Treatments such as face lift are not unusual and they give amazing results. Your face will look younger and your skin will be fresh.

So, if you feel beaten by the passage of time and the pull of gravity, decide to fight back and look young again.

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