Highly effective home remedies for mosquito bites

Not all mosquito bites result to malaria fever. This is because not all mosquitoes carry the malaria parasite. You only get malaria when you are bitten by the female anopheles mosquito.  However, since there is no way to determine which of the mosquitoes is female anopheles mosquito, it is better to apply home remedies for mosquito bites to be on the safer side. Do not also forget that mosquitoes do not only transmit the malaria parasite; they also transmit yellow fever. It is therefore in your best interest to prevent mosquito bite as much as possible.

Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites

Treating mosquito bites immediately after such occurs will help you get rid of the annoying scratching and itching that follows mosquito bite. The saliva left on your skin after the mosquito takes its blood meal is responsible for the itching you feel.

Prevention they say is better than cure. You should make attempt to repent mosquito bite as this will save you the trouble of seeking for treatment. There are so many chemicals (mosquito repellants) and insecticides being sold in the market today for mosquito eradication. While these chemicals can help get the job done, their actions may not augur well for one’s health; some of the chemicals can cause suffocation and some had been reported to be carcinogenic.

Virtually all the chemicals are explosives and this tends to limit their reliability. Do you want to prevent mosquito bite without suffering any of the health problems the use of chemical insecticides can cause? It is high time you went the natural way.  The natural products do not just prevent mosquito bites; they also help treat the mosquito bite when it eventually occurs. The information here will open your eyes to a number of natural methods you can use to prevent and treat mosquito bites right in your home.

It is true that Mother Nature has “bestowed” earthlings with these tiny creatures; she has also provided us with solutions to their menace. Instead of going for chemicals, just go into your kitchen to find solution to mosquito bite. Most of the items needed for treating and preventing mosquito bites can be obtained from your kitchen at home.

Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites  


Vinegar had been used over the years for preventing mosquito bite. Vinegar is able to cure the aftermath of mosquito bite; it can also protect you from getting the bite in the first place. Apply vinegar to your skin if you find yourself in a mosquito-infested area. It will create a protective cover for your skin and help prevent mosquito bite. As earlier hinted, vinegar can also act as remedy for preventing malaria; that is, it can help treat the inflammation associated with mosquito bite and also cure the itching effect consequent of mosquito bite.

Vinegar for mosquito bites

Apply vinegar to your skin immediately the mosquito bites you. You only need to apply little quantity of vinegar on the bump formed as a result of the bite. If the mosquito-bite bumps are many on your skin, it is better to take a bath with water mixed with vinegar. Fill the bathtub with hot water and add about 2 and a half cups of vinegar inside the hot water. There are different types of vinegars being sold out there today, but the organic apple cider vinegar is undoubtedly the best for this purpose. Do not make the water too hot so as not to burn your skin. Just make it hot enough for your skin to handle.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a magical plant. It is one product with multi function. It is useful for hair growth and also used in many topical products. It is one of the main compositions of beauty creams. Aloe vera is rich in vitamin E, which helps in collagen regeneration and prompt firmer skin. Aside all the benefits of aloe vera hinted above, it is also an excellent preventive agent for mosquito bite.  You should slice the aloe vera into stripes to expose the fleshy inner part.  Apply this fleshy part over your skin. You can limit the application to the exposed parts of your body alone.

Aloe vera for mosquito bites

You can equally squeeze out the juice in the aloe vera plant and rub the juice all over your body; it will have similar effect.  You can squeeze out the juice and keep it in the refrigerator. You can apply a little of the juice on daily basis to prevent mosquito bite.  Aside preventing mosquito bite, the aloe vera will make your skin look smoother and younger, thanks to collagen production.

Do not also forget that aloe vera can be used to remove the bumps resulting from mosquito bite, making it one of the best home remedies for mosquito bites. All you need to do is to squeeze out the juice as described earlier and apply the juice directly to the site of the mosquito bite. Aloe vera will stop the itching associated with mosquito bite and will also reduce the attendant inflammation.

Dry bar soap

Dry bar soap is yet another natural product you should consider when looking for one of the best solutions to mosquito bite at home.  The bar soap can be rubbed directly on the surface where the mosquito bite has taken place. For better effect, add some water on your palm and rub it on the dry bar soap. Afterwards, rub your fingers already slippery with soap on the surface of the inflammation and it will help remove the bump.

Its preventive effect can also not be overemphasized. All you have to do to achieve this preventive outcome is to rub the dry bar of soap on your skin and it will prevent the mosquitoes from perching on your skin and taking a blood meal. It is one of the best ways to prevent mosquito bite during the night. Do not forget to wash it off in the morning anyway.  One of the best dry bar soaps you can use for this purpose is Organic Fiji peppermint soap. It has proved to be highly reliable.

Baking soda and water

Baking soda is a very popular product that has proved to be useful for million and one purposes. It can be used for teeth-whitening, for reliving ulcer pain, indigestion and heartburn. It is equally useful as deodorant. On many occasions, it has been used as exfoliator. It is the perfect choice of product for detox bath and foot soak and lost more.

Baking soda for mosquito bites

Additionally, it can be used for treating mosquito bite. It may render your body a little messier anyway, since you will have to plaster its paste all over your body. Pour water into any of your containers in the kitchen and add baking soda to it. Continue to add the baking soda until the mixture forma thick paste. Apply the paste on the site s of the mosquito bite and it will help relieve the pain and the itching. It will equally reduce the mosquito-bite inflammation.

Furthermore, you can use baking soda to prevent mosquito from biting you. Apply the paste prepared above all over your body, limiting the application only to the exposed parts of the body, like the legs and the arms. Aside its preventive function, the baking soda paste can also help prevent infection that may ensue from the mosquito bite.


Onion is not just for cooking; it is also useful for treating mosquito bite.  While using onion for this purpose, some of the juice may find their ways into your eyes and cause you to produce tears. All you need to do is to squeeze the onion until it produces juice on its fleshy surface. Rub the fleshy surface with the juice on the spot of the mosquito bite and watch the inflammation reduce.

Some people claim they have used fresh onion for preventing mosquito bite. They claim rubbing the fleshy surface on the exposed parts of the body and leaving the juice to dry can help prevent mosquito bite. Truth is the onion juice on your skin also has insecticide effect on the mosquitoes and can kill them when they perch on your skin.

The pungent smell of the onion can actually kill the mosquito. If you apply the onion juice over the night, do not forget to wash it off in the morning. If you use it during the day on the other hand, it is important you wash it off in the evening before retiring to bed.


Toothpaste is not only made of washing your teeth and keeping those enamels sparkling white; it is equally useful for treating  mosquito bite. In fact, it is one of the most popular home remedies for mosquito bites.  All you have to do is to apply the toothpaste on the bump formed by the mosquito bite.

The best type of toothpaste you can use is the neen-based toothpaste. You can also use the all-natural peppermint toothpaste; it has also been found to be very useful for this purpose. Leave the paste on the site of the bite and allow it to dry. You can leave the paste on the bump for as long as you want.

It has been discovered in some quarters that toothpaste an also help prevent mosquito bite, but it is not popularly used due to its messy effect on your skin after application. In order to use toothpaste for preventive purpose, you will have to apply the paste on the exposed parts of the body, which is more or less a messy business; it will leave your dress, seat, bed and everything you touch stained with toothpaste.

Raw honey

Honey has many applications. It is used for skin treatment and for hair treatment. It helps improve digestion and can relieve nausea. Honey can help cure acne and it is an excellent exfolaitor. Additionally, honey can improve on diabetes condition. It can lower cholesterol level and help reduce obesity.  Honey is an antioxidant and can help restore sleep. Furthermore, honey provides pre-biotic support. It improves on allergy too and can help you to lose weight. There is no better moisturizing agent than honey.

Raw honey for mosquito bites

It can be used as a hair mask as mentioned earlier and can equally relieve eczema. Honey had been used in reducing inflammation and this is one of the factors that make it one of the best solutions to mosquito bite.  Apply small quantity of honey directly on the site of the bite and it will help reduce the bump and stop the itching.  Its anti-microbial effect can help to prevent infection consequent of the scratching following mosquito bite.  The best type of honey to use for this purpose is the local raw honey.

Lime or lemon

Just like honey, lemon too has loads of application. Mosquito bite remedy is just one of them. In order to cure mosquito bite using lemon, all you have to do is to extract the lemon juice into a small bottle or small container. Dip cotton ball inside the lemon juice and apply the soaked cotton ball on the site of the bite.

Lime or lemon for mosquito bites

Instead of using the juice, you can apply the lemon peel directly on the site of the bite and it will help resolve the inflammation consequent of the mosquito bite. With the help of lemon juice or lemon peel, the bite site can be protected from infection.

Essential oil

Essential oil has so many applications. Some even claim that it is the best type of oil for cooking.  It is being used in preparing several beauty products too.  It is equally useful for providing temporary relief following mosquito bite.  There are different types of essential oils you can use for this purpose; their effects vary one from the other.

Essential oil for mosquito bites

Among the various types, cedar oil, witch hazel, lavender, neen, rosemary and tea tree stand out.  They have faster effect on the mosquito bite and help put an end to the e itching and clear off the bump.  Add few drops of water into a small container and add equal volume of essential oil to the water. Mix the two together until they form homogenous mixture. Apply the mixture to the site of the mosquito bite for quick relief.

Salt paste

Salt is not just good for cooking in the kitchen; it is equally helpful for relieving the itching effect of mosquito bite. Put a small quantity of water inside a small container and add finely ground salt to the water. Mix the two together to form homogenous solution.  Continue to add more salt and mix the salt as you add it. Stop adding more salt when you form a thick salt paste. Apply the paste on the insect bite directly and you can expect almost instant relief from the mosquito bite.

One of the best types of finely ground salt to use is Himalayan salt.  It has been found to work almost instantly and help reduce the inflammation caused by the mosquito bite. This does not mean iodized salt too cannot work; some have reported that this also reduces inflammation and stops itching.  Be that as it may, make sure the salt is finely ground before you use it for reliving mosquito bite.


Garlic is one of the plants that hold many secrets to human health. It has been applied for several purposes and has proved to be a reliable natural remedy for many health problems. It had been used extensively in treating high blood pressure and it can also regulate blood sugar level.  It had equally been used for treating high cholesterol as well as in preventing heart attack.  With the help of garlic, you can prevent and even cure atherosclerosis.  Garlic also works as one of the home remedies for mosquito bites.

However, you should be warned that you will feel slight burning effect when you apply it on the site of the mosquito bite. The burning effect gets relieved few moments later.  While you can apply any of the items mentioned above on your kids after mosquito bite, do not attempt to apply garlic on their skins as remedy for mosquito bite due to this burning effect it has on the skin.

Do not forget that skins of your kids are still very tender and the burning effect may be more on them than what obtains when garlic is applied on an adult’s skin. Aside treating the spot of the mosquito bite, the garlic can also help prevent the mosquito from biting you. This is made possible by the strong smell produced by the garlic, which repels mosquitoes.

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