Home Remedies For Pregnancy Test

There are various signs of pregnancy which includes;

Missed periods, fatigue, tender breasts, vomiting, swollen feet, breasts and food cravings etc.

But, before you push up your hopes and rush to a gynaecologist, there are a few home remedies for pregnancy test that you can use, by making use of simple, everyday items found in your house.

However, it is medically advised that you get a standard blood test done to confirm the result afterwards.

Find these home remedies for pregnancy test below;

Homemade Pregnancy Tests

home remedies for pregnancy test

Tooth Paste Test

One of the most famous types of pregnancy test is the Toothpaste Test. Yes! Toothpaste, which is the same substance that we are using to clean our teeth every day.

A test is carried out simply by collecting the urine of the presently expected pregnant female in a clean container. Then a little toothpaste is added to the urine and left for some time.

After some time, it is checked. If the toothpaste turns blue in colour or it has a frothy (bubbles have formed around the toothpaste) look then indicates that the female is pregnant.


Bleach Indicator

The easiest and the quickest diagnosis that confirms you are pregnant is the “Bleach Indicator Test”.

It is a very famous DIY (Do It Yourself) Test for female pregnancy testing and without any complicated procedures. Firstly, collect the first discharged urine of the day in a container. Then add some bleaching powder into the collected urine and then observe the liquid carefully.

If the liquid starts to Fizz or give foam, then it is confirmed by this test that the female is pregnant. If the liquid remains unchanged, then there is no pregnancy expected of the female.


Dandelion Leaves pregnancy test

Get some dandelion leaves and put them in a container. Ensure that after you put the leaves in the plastic container, they do not come in contact with the sunlight.

Drink plenty of water before the test, so that your bladder is full. Now urinate on the leaves, they should get completely submerged.

After 10 minutes, check if there are any red bumps on the leaves. If yes, then the result is positive.


Soap test

You can use any soap for this test. Simply add urine to a small piece of soap, if froth forms, or if the soap bubbles up, the test is positive.


Pine Sol

To make pine sol, mix different parts of the pine tree together like cones, twigs and needles in a hard plastic container.

Urinate on the mixture and wait for about 10 minutes. If the colour of the pine sol changes then the result is positive.



Mix a sample of your urine with vinegar in a plastic cup and mix it. While mixing, you may see some bubbles.

Don’t mind the bubbles since they are not harmful to you. If the colour of the mixture changes, it means you are expecting.

Just like toothpaste, there are no specifications about how much urine and how much vinegar is required.



Try this test using your first morning urine, as it is more concentrated.

In a bowl, add 2 or 3 tablespoons of sugar and urinate on the sugar. If the sugar starts dissolving, then the result is negative.

However, if clumps are formed on the sugar, it indicates that you are pregnant.


Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test

Fill a tub with water and mix 2 cups of fresh mustard powder in the water. Lie down in the water and relax.

After 20 min gets out of the tub and takes a shower with warm water.

If your periods do not occur in a week or so then you are pregnant, and if your periods were delayed due to some reason and come within the same day then you are not pregnant


Tuna Juice and Vinegar pregnancy test

Mix ¼ cup of tuna juice and ¼ cup of vinegar in a plastic cup. Now pee in a separate cup and then add your urine to this mixture.

If after few minutes, the colour changes to green, then you are pregnant.

If the colour changes to yellowish-orange, it indicates a negative result.


Peroxide and Tylenol Mix

Collect the first morning urine in a cup and add peroxide and Tylenol in equal portions to it.

If the liquid in the glass turns blue, then you are pregnant.


Wine Test

During the midle ages, women would collect their urine in a cup and mix some wine with the urine.

If the colour remained unchanged, then the result was negative but if the colour changed, then it was a sign of confirmation that you are pregnant.


Urine Collection

This is one of the simple home pregnancy test. Collect your urine in a bottle or jar. Make sure you rest the bottle on a flat surface so that it won’t be disturbed

After 24 hours, if you see a thin white layer on the top of the urine, it is a sign of positive pregnancy, which means you are pregnant. If there are no changes, the result is negative.


Latch Test

This test can be traced back to the 1400s.

In those days, a woman would place a latch in a bowl and pee on it until it was completely soaked in urine. She would then have to wait for 3 hours to confirm whether she was pregnant or not.

After three hours, on removing the latch from the container, if a print appeared at the bottom of the container, the result was positive.


Missed Period Test

Women keep a check on their period cycle in three months. This simple test requires this calculation.

Calculate the days of your menstrual cycle and if the cycle is consistent with the scheduled dates than negative with the result. And if you miss the scheduled date by a long margin, then it means that you are pregnant.

Conclusively, to get the best from homemade pregnancy tests, endeavour to use your first urine in the morning.


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