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How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally Fast at Home


It is essential for every man to know how to increase sperm count naturally fast and to have adequate knowledge about factors responsible for low sperm count in men and how to prevent it.

Low sperm count is one of the leading causes of infertility in men.

Low sperm count refers to an unhealthy condition that some men experience when they do not have appreciable amount of sperm cells in their semen.

Having a low sperm count decreases the odds that one of a man’s sperm will fertilize his partner’s ovum, resulting in pregnancy.

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How to improve sperm count naturally

increase sperm count naturally

Causes of Low Sperm Count

The causes of low sperm count are, but not limited to:

  • Smoking
  • Exposure of the scrotum to excess heat
  • Stress
  • Lack of semen ejaculation
  • Hereditary factors
  • Obesity
  • Some STDs
  • Some certain drugs and antibiotics that attack the sperm cells
  • Hormonal problems and
  • Unbalanced diets.

Home Remedies to Increase sperm count fast

Quit Smoking to increase sperm count

Smoking damages sperm. To quit smoking is one of the ways to increase sperm count naturally.

Tobacco smoking is a filthy lifestyle that has become common in this 21st century. Researches show that millions of people around the world are strongly addicted to this most preventable bad habit.

Tobacco contains toxic substances like ammonia, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, tar, hydrogen cyanide, metals, arsenic and radioactive compounds which cause different diseases including low sperm count.

To quit smoking may be hard but not impossible and remember where there is a will there is a way.

Avoid Overheating of the Testicles to improve sperm count naturally

The overheating of the testicles will lead to a low sperm count, which is one of the numerous causes of infertility. The overheating of testicles may be caused by a number of factors including fever due to infections, saunas, hot baths, synthetic material and tight underwear, and sitting for long hours in a heated area.

Avoiding the causes of overheated testicles is important to be able to prevent a low sperm count. Thus, a man should avoid hot baths, spas and saunas especially if he is trying to conceive offspring.

Cotton and natural fiber underwear should be worn in place of synthetic and tight underwear.

Research revealed that men who sleep in waterbeds are up to four times more likely to suffer a low sperm count than those who prefer a traditional mattress.

Regular bike riding and wearing tight clothing can temporarily cause an increase in testicular heat. Putting on looser clothing is recommended for men concerned with increasing sperm count.

More so, exposure to heat over an extended period of time, such as in occupations like truck and taxi driving which involve long hours of sitting, may result in permanent infertility.

Another recent study cautioned young men to limit the time they use laptops on their laps after research results showed the heat from the battery might impair sperm production.

Men should also keep mobile phones off the pockets of their trousers or shorts while sitting or lying down to avoid the possibility for an irreversible damage of their sperm production.

When future fertility is a major concern, men should seriously take into consideration the harmful effect of prolonged exposure to heat. The best measure for a man to safeguard his fertility is to avoid overheated situations whenever possible.

Reduce Stress to increase sperm count naturally

Stress is an emotional state that is caused when the ever-increasing demands of life events, whether physical or psychological, are greater than the ability to cope. High levels of stress cause serious health problems including low sperm count.

The following stress management techniques will help to prevent the likelihood of a low sperm count and boost sperm health in men;

Meditate: Research suggests that daily meditation changes the brain’s neural pathways to be more resilient to stress. Meditation involves focusing attention on thinking in words, either loudly or silently, and letting any distracting thoughts out of the mind.

Breathe Deeply: Deep breathing slows the heart beat rate and lowers blood pressure, thereby reducing stress.

Smile: Lightening up the mood by social networking, watching or reading comics, and listening to jokes will help to reduce stress, hence boost sperm count.

Exercise: All forms of exercise can ease depression and anxiety by helping the brain release relaxing hormones and by giving the body a chance to practice dealing with stress.

Be Glad: Striving always to be glad even in the presence of negative experiences will reduce stress. Being grateful for one’s good times nullifies depression and worries.

Rest: Sleep deprivation’s problems outweigh its advantages. Never try to induce sleeping through pills or drugs. Whenever a man feels tired or stressed, he should take a break and rest rather than trying to force himself to meet a target or demand. 8 hours deep sleep at night and 1 hour siesta during the day are recommended for absolute rest. It equally increase sperm count

Maintain Healthy Weight to increase sperm count fast

Obesity and unbalanced diets are some of the causes of health problems including infertility (such as a low sperm count in men). Eating a balanced diet and regular physical exercise play an important part in maintaining a healthy weight, this is an important part of overall healthy living.

The following eating tips will help to prevent either obesity or underweight conditions;

Choose low-energy-producing foods: Consume less of alcoholic drinks and foods rich in saturated fats and sugars. Increase consumption of foods releasing fewer calories in proportion to their weight such as fruits and vegetables.

Choose satiating foods: Satiating foods tend to be rich in fiber. Fiber-rich foods increase in volume in the stomach as they retain water, hence produce a sense of satiety.

Examples of these satiating foods include whole grain meals (cereals and bread), legumes, vegetables, seaweed, sweet potato, and some fruits, such as cherries.

Practise healthful dietary habits:

  • Chew longer and slowly. It is a proven fact that taking time to chew all foods carefully, slower and longer will reduce the amount of food consumed, thus fewer calories.
  • Do not eat between meals.
  • Avoid anxiety and worry at mealtime, since this unconsciously leads to more consumption.
  • Do not skip breakfast. Contrary to popular opinions, a solid breakfast prevents obesity, while a light one fosters it. A research study shows that eating a balanced breakfast can help maintain a healthy weight.
  • Make breakfast and lunch the primary meals of the day, while eliminating supper or reducing it to a salad or a little fruit.

Always be hydrated to Boost Sperm Count

Water is very significant for the optimum metabolism of a living cell.

Every man needs about 4 litres of fluid everyday to prohibit dehydration of the body, and thus prevent low sperm count.

Sugary and alcoholic drinks should be avoided as they are unhealthy and high in calories.

About 2 litres of healthful drinks such as water, yoghurt and fruit juices are recommended for men desiring to increase sperm count, and thus be fertile. When the weather is warm, as in summer, more volumes of it will be needed.

Supplements to increase sperm count naturally fast

When it comes to improving fertility In men, zinc is considered one of the most suitable minerals for this. Supplementing with zinc in infertile men has been shown to increase sperm count and have positive effects on sperm motility, and sperm morphology

Food sources: grass fed beef, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, lamb, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, lentils, quinoa, cashew, turkey, green peas, yogurt, tofu, broccoli, sea vegetables, tomatoes etc.

Selenium is necessary for the production of sperm. Good selenium nutrition is important for antioxidant protection and for other health reasons as well.
Food sources: Tuna, shrimp, sardines, salmons, cod, mushrooms, asparagus, turkey, beef, lamb, brown rice, eggs etc.

Coenzyme Q10
It is an important antioxidant made in the human body that helps to protect cells from free radical damage, protecting DNA and needed for basic cell function.

Co Q10 is highly essential for sperm health. However, coQ10 levels decrease with age making it important to get more of it.

Food sources: broccoli, dark leafy greens, nuts, fish, shellfish, pork, chicken and beef.

Food sources may not be able to give the adequate dosage to the body, it is often recommended to take a daily supplement.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant,  It helps to build immune system naturally. Studies have shown it to improve sperm health and motility in men.

Food sources: Sunflower seeds, spinach, asparagus, kale, shrimp, olive oil, peanuts, avocado, dark leafy greens. etc.

Folic acid (folate)

Studies has shown that folate has positive effect on increasing sperm count

Low intakes of folate can have devastating effects, ranging from birth defects to blood diseases and possibly even cancers.

Men with low levels of folate had increased risks for sperm that contained too little or too many chromosomes. If an egg is fertilized with one of these abnormal sperm it could result in a birth defect such as downs syndrome, or an increase in miscarriage.

Food sources: lentils,spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, parsley, black beans, navy beans, kidney beans, collard greens

Vitamin B12 Cobalamin

This is a type of the B complex vitamins. It is highly essential in cardiovascular support, DNA production, boost brain and nervous system activities, increase sperm count naturally and generally boost sperm health.

Food sources: sardines, salmon, tuna, cod, lamb, shrimp, yogurt, chicken, mushroom etc.

Vitamin C
This is probably the most familiar of all nutrients.

It contains collagen for beautiful skin and bones, produces serotonin for proper brain function, protect against free radicals and increase sperm count and increases sperm motility naturally.
Food sources: Abundant in fruits and vegetables especially papaya, pineapple, oranges, broccoli, cabbage, strawberries, Brussels sprout, grape fruit, etc.


L-carnitine is an amino acid (a building block for proteins) that is naturally produced in the body.

For male infertility, most research shows that taking L-carnitine, alone or in combination with acetyl-L-carnitine, helps to increase sperm count and sperm movement in men with fertility problems.

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Ife is a Public Health Analyst and a blogger that gives educative information on how to maximize and maintain healthy life styles

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