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How to Lose Arm Fat Fast Naturally at Home in Weeks


It is ideal to lose arm fat fast naturally especially when you have flabby arms. because our looks and appearance to a large extent affects our general well-being.

loose arm fat

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Just like belly fat, having arm fat tends to affect your clothing choices, the activities take part in and may subsequently affect your self esteem

Flabby arms often as a result of accumulated fat is a source of worry to many individuals most especially women (who are the ones mostly affected)

Excess fat in the arms may likely stay for a longer period of time than in the rest of the body which makes losing arm fat a difficult task for many

Trying too hard to lose fat in just one area of the body is almost mission impossible and so should not be your major focus when you are about to undertake a fitness program but general body muscle toning.

Flabbiness in the arms can generally be attributed to excess of fat which most times is as a result of natural changes in the body as one grows older.

As ageing progresses (usually after the age of 30) there is a tendency for an increase in the body fat generally and lean muscle typically decreases. This can be attributed partially to hormonal changes which causes a decrease in metabolic rate (i.e. fewer burned calories per day).

There is also a tendency to become less active as you grow older  (lack of exercise) which in the long run creates a significant increase in amount of body accumulated. Gravitational pull interestingly plays a role too, pulling the triceps and facilitating flabbiness.

Flabby arms may also occur when the body accumulates unused calories especially when we consume more calories above the daily amount recommended based on our body weight and gender.

When people begin to see the jiggling arms as a problem, majority often assume that only exercises would get rid of it.

A more healthy way to get rid of arm fat fast is an integrated approach which involves changing both your eating habit and general lifestyle. Here are a few tips on that

Natural Ways to Lose Arm Fat Fast

Healthy diet to Reduce Arm Fat

Apart from giving you flabby arms, diet of junks without appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables will most likely lead to general overweight. Taking in a diet filled with less amount of calories per day yet with all requirements for healthy life such as vegetables and fruits is essential to lose flabby arms

Eat Fiber Rich Food

fiber rich food

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Food rich in fiber will keep you full for a long time and so prevents over eating of calorie dense food. Fiber in its self contains less calorie per bite and thus help cut off the chances of accumulation of fats in the body. Since the target area of the body is the arms, there would need of concentrated long term effort before visible change is noticed.

Eat small portion

small portion meal

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A healthy diet would also entail eating smaller amount of food per meal instead of taking large portion of meals. It is advisable to take 4-5 smaller meals instead of 3 big meals per day. This allows the body to recognize food intake and burn calories faster than when you eat large meals throughout the day.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

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Daily consumption of as much water as possible has been recommended for healthy living. A glass of lukewarm water especially early in the morning prepares the digestive system. Consuming too much water while eating tends to dilute your stomach acid and may cause digestion problem.

Institute of Medicine recommendation is that women should strive for about two liters or eight glasses a day and men should aim for three liters or 12 glasses a day of any healthy fluid, not just water as it helps the body’s metabolic processes and also helps to keep the appetite in check.

Avoid eating too much fat at a meal

Avoid greasy food

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Avoid fatty or greasy food like cheese and hamburgers which often leads to weight gain

Drink Green Tea

green tea

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Green tea is quite helpful for the body helps jump-start body metabolism and hence in losing weight and body fat generally. Instead of using coffee early in the morning, try green tea instead. This helps to keep you alert and awake and at the same time keeps your body healthy.


Exercise to Get Rid of Arm Fat Fast Naturally

For overweight/obese people exercises has always been recommended as a fast way to get rid of excess fat.

However in the case of reducing the amount of fat in just one particular part of the body (in this case the arms) requires much more than just spot treatment while undergoing these exercise there is a need to maintain a healthy diet alongside. Each of these recommended exercises should be done frequently and diligently

Push ups

This is one of the most popular exercise and its known for its wonder working ability on flabby arms.

Push ups can be done in different ways you can start from simpler less strenuous ones and work your way up to the harder styles. You can do 2 or three sets of 12 for a start and slowly increase as time goes on.

Bridge the gap

To perform this exercise stand with your back against a corner walk your feet forward and keep your head and back against the wall. With your elbows bent, raise your arms up to about 90 degrees.

Contract your triceps while squeezing your shoulders together and drive your elbows back into the walls to lift your body off it.

You will end up in a standing position at the end

Thumbs up

To do this, start standing with your feet in a wide stance and your toes pointing outwards. Your knees should be kept in alignment with your toes. Also keeps your hips pulled in, spine in a neutral position and chin up.

Next, extend both arms fully outwards with your right arm directly over the right knees and vice versa. Keep your arms in the thumbs up position and then turn the thumbs downwards as if you are pouring out a bottle of water.

Slowly lower your arms thumbs brushing closely inside the thighs until they meet. Raise your arms up as high as possible in one quick sweeping action following the same angle as the descent.

Geisha ups

This exercise is very effective in losing arm fat.

While kneeling, touch your big toes together and sit on your heels. separate you knees as wide as your hips while extending your arms out in front of your body with your arms facing the floor and arms positioned shoulder width apart.

Fall into a push up position by driving your hips forward attempting to come as close to the ground with your chest as possible.

In order to to maximize triceps development elbows will be tight on your side.

Hands of time

Start just as you would when you are about to do a push up (with your feet fully extended outwards and your hands directly under your shoulders) begin to perform as many counter clockwise circle as possible with your slightly raised right hands for about 15-30 seconds.

Repeat this in the clockwise direction as quickly as possible. Make sure you keep your triceps contracted on the arms you are circling for maximum results and try as much as possible to keep your hips level.

Biceps curls

Biceps curls

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Apart from being quite basic, bicep curls helps in building arm strength and reducing arm fat. Bicep curls target three bicep muscles responsible for flexing the elbows. You will need two dumbbells weighing about 5-15 pounds to perform this exercise.

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand up straight with your feet hip wide apart then let your arms hang relaxed at your side with your palm facing forward.

It is important to stay quite active and engage in physical activities as much as possible. Sitting for too long without any or little physical activity leads to accumulation of excess fat in the arms and whole body

Yoga Poses to Reduce Arm Fat Fast

Some people assume that yoga is only meant for relaxation but actually, yoga poses can be effective in losing arm fats and general body weight. It is advisable you start with the easy poses first before moving to harder ones.

Yoga poses for strong slim arms include:

Downward Dog Yoga Pose

To do this, kneel on all fours with hands directly under your shoulders. Tuck toes under and exhale, lifting hips towards the ceiling then move your shoulders away from your ears while drawing your front ribs in then push into hands and feet.

Plank Pose

Plank Pose

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To do plank, lower your hips on stand on your toes moving your torso forward with your shoulder directly over your wrists. Contract and straighten your abs and straighten your arms. Keep your body in line from heads to heels. You can also do the planks side ways



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While keeping your body in a straight line and bending elbows to 90 degrees while lowering towards the floor. Contract abs be careful not to round your shoulders forward while doing this.

Other yoga poses that you can do to reduce arm fat fast include upward dog pose, crow pose and dolphin pose

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