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Natural C Cup Breasts


One of the loveliest features a woman can have is a set of full, round natural c cup breasts.

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We all know how attractive those are and how off-putting sagging and not-so-firm breasts can be.

Most women use wonder bras and push-ups to enhance the look of their breasts and make it seem bigger and while these may work well beneath your clothes, you might still be embarrassed when you have to undress in front of that hot guy you just met or in front of your friends with perky and plumper breasts.

A lot of ladies run off to enhance the sizes of their breasts through breast implant surgeries but I wonder if most of these ladies knew that there are natural ways to enhance the breasts without having to go under the knife.

These methods are safe and cheaper and can be done at home.

And Yes, They work!

In this article, I’ll teach you 3 effective ways to develop a c cup breast or even D cup breasts if you desire.

But first, let’s understand what factors are responsible for breast growth and how to enhance them.


3 Ways to Grow C Cup Breasts Naturally

c cup

1. Increase Estrogen Levels

Breast growth is made possible by the female reproductive hormone known as Estrogen. Men have higher levels of Testosterone, while women have Estrogen instead. This is why men do not grow breasts while women do.

This Estrogen hormone is responsible for all feminine qualities in women like the feminine curves, the breasts and other unique feminine features.

Now, to increase the growth of the breasts, there is a need to increase the levels of Estrogen in the body. This could be done by consuming the right type of foods that contain Phytoestrogen. This would help you to get bigger boobs fast without surgery and also protect you against some diseases like breast cancers, heart diseases, bowel cancer and brain disorders.

Some of the foods that contain phytoestrogen properties include seeds like fenugreek, walnuts, pistachios, flax seed, sesame seed and fennel seeds. Soy products are also extremely good so feel free to indulge in soy yoghurt, soymilk, soy protein powders and tofu.

Other foods like wheat germ, corn, quinoa, oats, millets, barley, green beans, chicken, fenugreek leaves, cucumbers, garlics, carrots, beets, alfafa, ginseng, licorice roots, apples, raspberry, strawberry, pomegranate, peaches and rye.


2. Massage Your Breasts Regularly

Contrary to what a lot of ladies think, massaging your breasts won’t make it sag. Instead, it would help to increase circulation of blood to the breasts which would in turn promote growth. Massaging your breasts is also a good way to prevent breast cancer.

For an effective breast massage, you can try using a breast enhancement cream. Look for one that contains natural ingredients like Vitamin E, Fenugreek, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Dandelion, Kelp etc. All these are natural ingredients that help to increase the growth of your breasts without surgery. When you do this religiously, in no time, you’ll be spotting full and firm C Cup breasts.


3. Build Your Muscles to grow C Cup Breast

The breasts are supported by a number of muscles in the body such as the pectoral muscles, which are the muscles under your breasts, back muscles and the shoulder muscles. Engaging in exercises that build these muscles would help you increase your breasts naturally, from A or B cups to C or D cups.

Some exercises to engage in include push-ups, chest presses, Wall presses, Renegade Rows and Y raises. Do these strength training exercises at least thrice a week for better results.

You don’t need to pack on extra pounds of fat to increase the size of your breasts, following the instructions in this guide religiously, would help you achieve that easily and healthily.


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About the author 

Ife Oluwatuyi

Ife is a Public Health Analyst and a blogger that gives educative information on how to maximize and maintain healthy life styles

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