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Premature Ejaculation: Home Remedies to Delay Ejaculation


Premature ejaculation as a sexual dysfunction is more common than you think. Most men with this problem don’t however report the problem to their doctor either because it is embarrassing or because they feel there is no solution. This comprehensive guide takes a look at the causes, symptoms, effects and the natural remedies to delay ejaculation and get rid of premature ejaculation permanently.

Premature Ejaculation also known as early, rapid or quick ejaculation is a prevalent sexual problem among men under 40 years of age. This problem occurs in 30% of men at some point in their lifetime.

Premature ejaculation is described as a situation in which a man ejects semen or reaches orgasm sooner than desired, either before or shortly after sexual penetration.

Generally, any sexual intercourse lasting less than 2 minutes are regarded as premature ejaculation. Since it tends to leave both partner unsatisfied.

Premature Ejaculation

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Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

The following are symptoms or signs that often announce premature ejaculation.

  • Uncontrolled ejaculation especially within one minute of penetration
  • Inability to delay ejaculation during all intercourse or nearly all the time
  • Feeling frustrated and distressed and avoiding sexual relations as a result of that.

Further to that, experts have classified premature ejaculation into two major categories

  • Lifelong (primary) premature ejaculation
  • Acquired (secondary) premature ejaculation

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

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With lifelong premature ejaculation, the man has experienced the problem all along his lifetime starting from the first sexual encounter.

Men with lifelong premature ejaculation may have the following characteristics.

  • Fear of sex as a result of traumatic experiences encountered during developmental stages.
  • Psychological difficulties

With acquired premature ejaculation, the man has previously experienced a normal control of ejaculation but later developed the premature ejaculation problem along the line for some unknown reasons.

Here are some common characteristics of men with acquired premature ejaculation

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pyschotropic drug use
  • Performance anxiety

The Intensity of premature (quick) ejaculation is divided into three as described below

  • Mild (when ejaculation occurs between 30 seconds to 1 minute of vaginal penetration)
  • Moderate (when ejaculation occurs approximately between 15-30 seconds of vaginal penetration)
  • Severe (when ejaculation occurs before sexual activity, at the onset of sexual activity, or within approximately 15 seconds of vaginal penetration)


Causes of Early Ejaculation

The exact cause as to what is responsible for premature ejaculation is unclear. However, studies have shown that premature ejaculation causes ranges from psychological to biological causes.

Psychological causes

  • Performance pressure such as fear to satisfy the partner
  • Deep anxiety about sex that relates to traumatic experiences during development (eg, incest, sexual assault etc.)
  • Interpersonal issues with current partner
  • Teen masturbation practices to ejaculate fast so as not to be caught
  • Erectile Dysfunction and fear that erection will not last might lead to premature ejaculation
  • Feelings of guilt which increase your tendency to rush through sexual encounter
  • Depression

Biological Causes

  • Inherited traits
  • Abnormal hormonal levels: A 2009 study by corona et al concluded that low prolactin level might be associated with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, metabolic syndrome and anxiety. This study also concluded that high testosterone level facilitates ejaculatory reflex
  • Another study suggested that dysfunction of the prostate and epididymis may contribute to premature ejaculation
  • Certain thyroid problems
  • Effects of drugs/medications: Hyperexcitability might be related with the use psychotropic drugs


Effects of Quick Ejaculation

Psychological effects: Both partners tends to be dissatisfied physically and emotionally as a result of this problem. This may further result into problem within the relationship

Difficulty in impregnating: Especially in severe cases where ejaculation occurs before the onset of sexual activity. Conception may not be possible except if assisted fertility such as artificial insemination is used.


Factors that Increase the Risk of Premature Ejaculation

Stress: Both emotional and mental stress can increase the chance of early ejaculation by making it difficult to relax and focus during sexual encounters

Health Issues: Chronic health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, etc. may case anxious feeling during sex making you to ejaculate on time

Erectile Dysfunction: Men with trouble in getting and maintaining erection may hurry through sexual encounters because of the fear of losing erection.


Natural Remedies for Premature Ejaculation

Natural treatment for early or quick ejaculation includes several option.  Furthermore, every underlying serious medical condition (such as heart disease) and accompanying erection problem should be taken care of

Counselling and Behavioral Therapy for Premature Ejaculation

Behavioral Therapy for Premature Ejaculation

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This should be the first step so as to reduce the performance pressure on the man. To achieve great result the wife or partner should be fully involved in the counselling session as well.

The counselling session entails visiting a sex therapist or a psychologist who will take time to explore the psychological issues and proffer behavioral techniques or sex therapy techniques to combat the premature ejaculation problem.

Good examples of behavioral technique or strategies is the start-stop and squeeze-pause techniques which was popularized by Masters and Johnson

This is a very simple technique which can be done alone or with the help of the partner. In this technique, the man himself or the female partner begins by stimulating the penis slowly but stops as soon as he feels he is about to ejaculate. She them compress the penis firmly by pressing the underside just behind the glans of the penis. The process is repeated for about 10 times

After engaging in this techniques for a while, the couple should go further into another phase of the process. In this new phase,  both partner will sit facing each other with the lady on top. The lady will stimulate the man by touching him and then rub his penis around her vulval area. Whenever the man is over-excited and about ejaculating, she would stop stimulation process, squeeze the penis until the man regains control.

Then the couple can further proceed to intercourse while the woman is still on top so that she can stop and squeeze whenever the man seems to be having the climax feeling.


Exercise and Yoga poses for premature ejaculation

Yoga is a very effective form of natural remedy for premature ejaculation because it deals with both mind and the body. Since psychological factors play a big part in causing premature ejaculation, practicing yoga might help to relieve stress, anxiety and boost both mental ability and confidence.

yoga workouts to reduce premature ejaculation

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A study titled yoga in premature ejaculation : a comparative trial with fluoxetine concluded that yoga is a feasible and effective treatment for premature ejaculation.

Yoga poses are excellent in improving circulation all through the body and there are specific poses which works on the pelvic region and genitals to boost their function and make them stronger.

Below are some effective yoga poses for premature ejaculation.



credit: yogameditationhome.com

Pranayama also know as yoga breathing is a meditative technique which is very effective in reducing stress level.

Breathing is a normal part of our life which we often fail to pay attention to.

By practicing deep and systematic breathing through Pranayama, we reenergize our body, attain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide so as to get rid of heart diseases, sleep disorders, fatigue and some other effects of oxygen starvation which can fuel premature ejaculation.

One major function of pranayama is that it develops our concentration and aids better self control. Moreover, self control involves control over one’s physical body.

Please note that especially for the first time, Yoga is best practiced under the supervision of an instructor.

Here are are some pranayama yoga exercises for premature ejaculation.

Dirga Pranayama

This is commonly called the three-part breath. It is a breathing technique which is very suitable for the beginners and it also helps calm the mind.


  1. Lie comfortably on your back in Corpse Pose (Savasana).
  2. Place one hand on your stomach while the other hand rests on your rib cage.
  3. Breathe deeply and naturally while your eyes are tightly shut
  4. Start focusing your awareness on the breath as it comes in and out of your system
  5. Feel the movement of your stomach and the expansion of your ribs as you breathe in, and the slight compression of your ribs and drop of your belly as you breathe out.
  6. Next, bring the hand on your stomach to your chest, just below your collarbone. Breathe all the way into this area and allow your chest to rise slightly; then breath out and let it go.
  7. Feel your belly lift, ribs expand, and chest lift as you breathe in; on your exhalations, notice how your chest drops, ribs contract, and belly lowers.
  8. Release your arms and focus your mind on your breath, inhaling and exhaling fully.
Nadi Shoda Pranayama

Also known as Alternate Nostril Breathing, It balances the channels of energy in the body and relieves both stress and anxiety by harmonizing the left and right hemispheres of brain


  1. Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position such as Easy Pose (Sukhasana).
  2. Close the right nostril with your right thumb.
  3. Breathe in deeply through the left nostril.
  4. Close the left nostril with the ring finger of your right hand as you release the right nostril.
  5. Breathe out slowly through your right nostril.
  6. Keeping the left nostril closed, Breathe in deeply through your right nostril.
  7. Seal the right nostril again with your thumb, then release the left nostril.
  8. Breathe out of the left nostril. You should now be in the original position, with the thumb sealing the right nostril.
  9. Repeat the process ten times, gradually increasing the number of repetitions.
  10. Once you gain full breath control during Nadi Shodhana, begin to hold your breath for a moment at the top and bottom of each breathe in/breathe out cycle. Don’t strain or over-stress yourself, allow this next stage develop gradually.


Bow pose

This yoga pose is very effective in treating sexual dysfunction which premature ejaculation is inclusive. The bow pose strengthens every muscle in the back and further improves posture and spinal flexibility.

Bow pose is also excellent in relieving fatigue, anxiety and stress.


  1. Start by lying straight on your belly with your jaw on the yoga mat and your hands resting at your sides.
  2. While breathing out, bend your knees. Bring your heels as close as possible towards your buttocks, keeping your knees hip-distance apart.
  3. Reach backwards with both hands and hold onto your outer ankles.
  4. While breathing in, raise your heels up toward the ceiling while raising your thighs up and off the mat. Your head, chest, and upper torso will also lift off the mat.
    Draw your tailbone down firmly into the floor, while you simultaneously lift your heels and thighs even higher. Lift your chest and press your shoulder blades firmly into your upper back. Make sure your shoulders away from your ears.
  5. Gaze forward and breathe softly, breathing will be difficult. Breathe more into the back of your torso, and be sure not to stop breathing.
  6. Hold for about 30 seconds.
  7. To release, breathe out and lower your thighs gently to the mat. Slowly release your legs and feet to the floor. Place your right ear on the mat and relax your arms at your sides for a few breaths. Repeat the pose for the same amount of time, then rest with your left ear on the mat.

Shoulder Stand Pose

This yoga pose improves blood circulation and stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Shoulder stand pose also soothes the nervous system, decrease varicose veins, relieves stress and aids relaxation.


  1. Lie on the mat on your back with your palms close to your body and both feet together.
  2. Breathe in deeply and without bending the knees, raise both legs off the floor.
  3. Exert pressure on your shoulders, support your back with the hands. and try to lift the body (your legs, buttocks and back) as much as you can, while keeping it straight.
  4. Keep breathing deeply and stay in the posture for 30-60 seconds. and then slowly revert back to original position.

Butterfly pose

Apart from being an important yoga pose for premature ejaculation and improving blood circulation, butterfly pose stimulates abdominal organs, prostate gland and the bladder. It also effective for stress reduction


  1. Begin by sitting in the Lotus Pose (cross-legged sitting asana)
  2. Then position your legs so that the soles of your feet can touch each other while your knees are bent.
  3. Endeavor to position your feet as close to your pubic area as possible, this means you should try to pull your heels inwards.
  4. Hold your feet with your hands and sit up with your back as straight as possible.
  5. Breathe in deeply and place a hand on each knee.
  6. Breathe out and press on your thighs until your knees touch the floor. Note that this may not be possible for everybody, as such don’t push yourself too much.
  7. Breathe in while allowing the knees to come back up again.
  8. Breathe out and repeat this process for about 15 to 20 times. The flapping motion of the legs is why its called the butterfly pose

Other yoga poses which are helpful for sexual dysfunction and are useful natural remedies for premature ejaculation includes

  • Plough pose also known as Halasana
  • Cobra pose also known as Bhujangasana
  • Peacock pose also known as Mayurasana

Kegel Exercise

One of the best methods of strengthening the pelvic region is by creating a strong pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) which is often very important in delaying ejaculation

First, locate the PC muscle by trying to stop urine halfway while in the bathroom. The PC muscle is what helps to stop the urine

To do Kegel exercise, quickly clench and release the PC muscle repeatedly for about ten seconds. Do about three sets, with a ten-second break between sets. Contracting the PC muscle when close to orgasm should be able to slow things down.


Food and Supplements for Premature Ejaculation

The essential food and supplements required for treatment of premature ejaculation should be very rich in vitamins  such as vitamins A, B, D and E and minerals such as zinc, selenium, calcium and iron.

Folic acid is also very important because of its capability which enhances blood flow and prevents blockage of the arteries. When there is a healthy flow of blood to the penis, attaining and maintaining an erection becomes easier.

Blueberries also improve blood circulation to the genital region. They must however be eaten in moderation as excessive amounts of blueberries can result in diarrhea.

Food and Supplements for Premature Ejaculation

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Home Remedies For Premature Ejaculation

Aloe vera Root

Aloe vera is one of the most effective remedies for premature ejaculation.


  1. Cut the root of this plant into pieces
  2. Soak 3 handfuls of the roots in a bottle of Gin for 10 days
  3. Then add two bottles of water
  4. Take 1 shot or 1.5oz twice daily

Almond Milk and Ginger

Almond milk is a traditional drink which is well known for its ability to increase potency and treatment of premature ejaculation.


  1. Soak like a dozen almonds overnight
  2. Blend with a glass of milk in the morning
  3. Add a teaspoon of saffron and ginger powder
  4. Drink a cup every morning

Panax Ginseng root

Ginseng (panax) is a well known medicinal root with super ability for various sexual dysfunction.

To delay premature ejaculation, ginseng can be rubbed directly on the skin of the penis or taken orally with milk.

Indian Asparagus

Asparagus is effective in treating premature ejaculation and variety of other sexual dysfunction in both male and female.


  1. Take two teaspoon of asparagus powder or 20 grams of asparagus root
  2. Boil with a cup of milk for about 10 minutes
  3. Take half a glass twice daily


This plant also known as winter cherry or indian ginseng is highly esteemed as rejuvenating or life extending herb. Ashwagandha is widely prescribed by physicians to adults with low libido and that makes it useful in treating quick ejaculation.

For powdered root, use between 3 and 6 grams. While for tablets or capsules, use between 250mg and 500mg on daily basis.


Apart from being a potent natural antibiotic, garlic is also effective treating premature ejaculation. All you need do is to chew 3 or 4 cloves of garlic daily.

Baking soda and potassium citrate

This is an excellent home remedy which can reduce anxiety and prevent premature ejaculation


  1. Mix half teaspoon of baking powder with a quarter teaspoon of potassium citrate
  2. Add mixture in a glass of water
  3. Drink a glass every morning for about two weeks


Extra Tips to delay Ejaculation and prevent premature ejaculation

  1. Focus your mind on something else: something distracting, boring or annoying might help to reduce the hyper-exciting feelings and delay ejaculation
  2. Trying to stop permanently or reducing to a great extent  the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs may further improve one’s control over early ejaculation
  3. Another tip to delay ejaculation is to use condoms so as to reduce the sensations to the penis
  4. Some men often recommend that sexual positions such lying on the back helps to delay ejaculation
  5. Masturbating couple of hours before sex may be helpful
  6. Proper sleep should be taken for proper functioning of the brain
  7. Exercise greatly helps in building the strength of the organs. Men should do simple exercise to maintain proper working of the body parts


Pharmacologic Therapy for Premature Ejaculation


Promescent is a spray which reduces sensitivity so a man can perform for longer. It is applied to the penis ten minutes before sexual activity.

A good thing about promescent is that it is unlike various desensitizing cream as the receive only the needed dose and it is absorbed into the skin. Hence it wont affect the partner’s sensation. It is available over-the-counter

Oral Medications

Certain Antidepressants e.g. selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), Analgesic such as tramadol, and Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors such as sildenafil and tadalafil might be capabale of improving the timing of ejaculation and get rid of premature ejaculation. However, it is important to note that FDA has not specifically approved any and they often come with host of unwanted side effects


While premature ejaculation is not a life-threatening condition, its consequences can be serious.

It is however important to discuss the issue with your partner so that both of you can work together to get rid of the problem permanently.

Combining the various options of natural remedies for premature ejaculation would ease the problem fast and permanently.


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