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9 Awesome Exercises and Tips to Reduce Butt Fat in 2021


Reduce butt fat may sound counterintuitive at a time when popular culture seems to glorify big butts. For many people, however, dealing with an oversized butt can often be problematic, tedious, and embarrassing.

But if you think that regular exercise and diet is all you need to slim down that butt, you’re in for a rude awakening. See, your buttocks are actually meant to function as a long term fat storage deposit. This makes them less responsive to weight loss than other parts of your body.

What’s more, the butt area contains three major muscles: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and (guess) gluteus minimus. However, you can’t pick and choose one area to work out at a time (spot reduce), you have to target all three muscles at once!

As you can see, these unique characteristics can make reducing butt fat a particularly tough challenge for anyone. Fortunately, we’ve cracked the code on reducing your bum size and it doesn’t involve expensive supplements nor joining a gym.

That’s right, these simple but surprisingly effective exercise methods will help tighten and tone your bottom without you having to leave your home. Keep on reading and learn how you can take action today towards a leaner and rounder butt.

The best exercises and tips to reduce butt fat

reduce butt fat

#1) Climb those stairs

Climbing stairs is actually one of THE BEST exercises you can do to reduce your butt fat. They provide numerous benefits like burning fat, strengthening and toning your lower body, and give you a solid cardio workout to boot.

Fortunately, most people have access to stairs in places like their home, work, or even at the local mall. In reality, however, most people will avoid them if they can use an elevator instead.

Stair climbing tips:

  • Focus on quality vs quantity:
    Even if you have a single flight of stairs to work with, make a conscious effort with each step you take. Alternate between walking and running.
  • Use them whenever you can:
    You don’t have to be in workout clothes to use the stairs. If you’re at work, try using them whenever possible to complement your at-home workouts.

#2) Take a hike

Everybody knows that walking can be very beneficial for reducing fat and improving your health. Unfortunately, a simple walk around the park won’t give you the resistance you need to help reduce the fat off your buttocks.

That’s why going for a hike is a much better option. Besides the beautiful scenery you get to enjoy, hiking offers tremendous benefits that do target your buttocks. Whether it’s walking up and down slopes, rocks, ledges, and more, hiking offers very similar benefits to climbing stairs.

Hiking tips:

  • Start slow then go long:
    Hiking is a serious exercise, so start at a beginner’s pace then work your way up to longer trails.
  • Challenge yourself:
    The more you make hiking a fun activity, the more likely you’ll turn it into a habit. Challenge yourself by choosing more uneasy paths, but play it safe.

#3) Do Squats

Have you ever been to the gym and see these guys with huge arms and chests but with skinny, goofy-looking legs? It’s because they are avoiding squats and other leg exercises. Why? Because they’re grueling.

But squats are incredibly effective at helping you lose weight and body fat and can help give your butt a nicer, roundish look. They help you build muscle to replace fat and can even help boost your metabolism.

Over time, squats can help give your body a leaner but stronger appearance while giving your glutes a more shapely appearance.

Squat tips:

  • Quality over quantity:
    Keep both of your up and down motions controlled and be mindful of your knee. You can also try doing them with dumbbell weights too.
  • Always maintain proper form:
    Keep your feet at shoulder width, toes pointing forward and drive your hips back as you bend.

#4) Running and jogging

Few exercises give you a total body workout the way running does. It’s no surprise then to see that running is a key part of most, if not all, sports training programs for athletes.

Not only does running help you burn fat at a higher rate than most other exercises, it’s also a great way to strengthen your bones. When you run, you burn fat quickly and help tone your thigh and butt muscles as well as helping to drastically improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Running tips:

  • Mix in short, powerful sprints with your running:
    Sprints are great for the glutes, try to mix in sprints to help complement the fat burning process of running.
  • Mix in some squats:
    When you run, you burn a lot of fat. However, you can do squats to help offset the fat burn by building muscle.

#5) Side-lying hip abduction:

Side-lying hip abductions are great for strengthening your hip muscles which can improve your stability and agility. Of course, that also means it gives you a  stronger and better looking butt.

You basically lie down on your side with your hips facing forward. With your lower leg bent, slowly raise your top leg up to about a 45 degree angle and then lower it back down. These motions should all be done in a controlled fashion.

Side-lying hip abduction tips:

  • Use a resistance band:
    Up the challenge of your workout by looping a resistance band around your thighs and feel that burn.
  • Use proper form:
    Although his exercise is done from a lying sideways position, a wrong movement can potentially cause an injury. Mitigate this risk by relaxing your foot and keeping your back straight while your body faces forward.

#6) Lunges (forward, sideways, and transverse)

Like squats, lunges are great boosting muscle mass which will help strengthen your lower body muscles like your core, butt and legs. In addition to helping you achieve a leaner and fitter physique, lunges also help you build a better posture and a wider range of motion.

While squats may be a little more problematic for people with back problems, lunges have a very low impact on your back muscles.  In addition, lunges can be performed in a forward, sideways or transverse motion which gives the person a wider range of options.

Tips for lunges:

  • Maintain an upright position for your body:
    Try not to lean forward too much to help maintain proper balance and execution of the movement.
  • Use a medicine ball:
    Hold a medicine ball with both hands and twist your torso as you lung forward for added strength benefits.

#7) Donkey Style Leg Lift

Don’t let the humorous name fool you, these exercises are no joke! Donkey kicks mimic the moves of a donkey with a backwards kicking motion and targets your butt’s biggest muscle: the gluteus maximus.

The move is done by getting on all fours (yes, like a donkey, now get over it) and making sure you keep your arms directly under your shoulders. Keep your back flat and slowly raise your right knee (keep its 90 degree bent formation!) and raise it until your back starts arching. Then rinse and repeat.

Donkey kick tips:

  • Use a yoga mat:
    A yoga mat can help minimize the pain or discomfort you may feel while doing this move on a hard floor.
  • Use your core:
    Engage your abs while doing these movements as your core helps connect and support all parts of your body.

#8) Chair pose

Many people spend countless hours sitting on a chair either at work or at home. Needless to say, it’s not a very healthy habit and it does nothing to help strengthen our butt muscles.

However, if you follow the same motions but sit on an imaginary chair again, you’ll have achieved the chair pose position. Now that’s a great exercise that provides many fat reducing benefits for your buttocks. 

The chair pose is borrowed from a Yoga position in which you stand with your feet at shoulder length and sweep your arms up to your ears.

You basically want to achieve the appearance that you are sitting on an invisible chair for about 30 seconds at a time exhaling as you go down, and inhaling as you go up.

Chair pose tips:

  • Keep your back slightly arched:
    These moves will build up a lot of heat in your body and fast. Keeping your back arched will help you maintain a better posture.
  • Don’t forget to breathe:
    Maintain a smooth and even rhythm of breathing as your heart rate increases.

#9) One-leg deadlift

The one-leg deadlift allows you to develop strength and explosive power by helping you workout your leg and butt. In addition, these exercises have powerful benefits for your back and core.

The one-leg deadlift is performed by standing on one leg with your hands hanging by the sides. Similar to a donkey kick, you are making a kick back motion but with your leg straight this time.

At the same time, you lean slightly forward until you feel that stretching sensation in your hamstrings. Finally, you return to your starting position and rinse and repeat.

One-leg deadlift tips:

  • Keep your back neutral:
    Not only does this help reduce the risk of injury, but it also ensures that you use your glutes for the movement.
  • Look ahead to maintain your balance:
    If you look ahead about 3-6 ft forward, you can help keep your head aligned and in a perfect balance.

So there you have it. These exercises and tips will help put you on the right path to reducing butt fat and a much healthier lifestyle.

About the author 

Mr David

Thomas David is a Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian (RD), Health and fitness writer and editor based in Boca Raton, Florida. Thomas is also an international member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in the US.

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